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L’isola “Nuts and Bolts”

The work day is generally 4 hours, this varies in times of high need and times of low need. In addition to our regular work day we also split the daily responsibilities between volunteers: these generally include: feeding animals, watering gardens, cooking and cleaning. Since work depends on the amount of funding that exists at the time, it really depends on when you arrive. Most of the time there is plenty of time to do things like read or yoga or writing or swimming in the pond.

volunteers hard at work

volunteers hard at work

a job well-done
a job well-done

“jamie” would like to provide prospective volunteers with some additional information about L’isola so that they will have a better idea as to what to expect when volunteering.

I. L’isola is located in the Ozark region of Missouri.

II.  We have had a few amazing volunteers join us in the preliminary stages of building up the farm and now we are looking to expand. We are looking for people to join in on the effort and live as an equal amongst us.  We are currently a tent/yurt community until we find the means to some how build a larger structure that will serve as the community dormitory/center. This community space will most likely be a cob construction, as we have much clay in our soil and we enjoy the idea of an edgeless dwelling.

III. Gardening is also extremely important, we have built raised bed/mixed technique gardens to start our first food from the land arrangement. We do not expect to achieve self-sustaining status for at least a few years. However, with an extensive veggie garden and chickens for eggs (if you’re into that kind of thing) we will certainly eat well. We will be a veg community however we respect all walks of life and their dietary choices.

IV. Many animals will be housed on the farm. We intend to raise sheep, chickens, alpaca and goats.  Later we will also give a haven to as many dogs, cats and cows as we can take care of (though we know they need more care so we will have to negotiate with funding).

We need a strong group of volunteers to join us in the initial stages. Someone who is ok with sleeping in tents and pooping in a composting toilet and cooking group meals over an open fire and bathing in spring or our new semi-reliable shower. It will be what some call “roughing it” but to some it will be home and a quite pleasant experience as well.

Lastly, we have come to the point where financially we can no longer support a full-on volunteer/host relationship therefore we ask our incomers to help support the flow with a $10 weekly donation (sliding scale fee or barter can be negotiated) that helps go toward meals, gas money for town trips and funding towards the little things that keep the wheels in motion on the farm. The fee can be negotiated if necessary though we hope that whoever decides to join us will understand that the people (person) behind this project is a simple, young and vaguely poor individual who wishes deeply to help others but truly doesn’t have sufficient means to do so. Additionally, it is important to underscore the fact that this project is leaning toward the goal of becoming an intentional community. For this reason it is also important that each person sees themselves as a contributing member of the community thus bringing a partial share in the cost-load is essential. In the past we have accepted donations of lumber, building supplies and food in place of money and we consider this to be as valuable. Thank you and we hope you understand our plight.

We hope that you can join us in building our vision.