Sustainable for a Future

Retreats for Chemical and EMF sensitivity

Electromagnetic pollution is becoming an increasing concern for people who dwell in cities and towns. EMFs are known to cause a number of serious health risks including cancer, infertility, impairing brain function and impairment of other organ functions, to name a few.

At L’isola we are offering an opportunity to live for a period of time completely removed from the load of EMF emitting devices. We are completely without electricity so you can enjoy a total body reset. Additionally, we do not use pesticides, herbicides or any other chemicals anywhere on the farm. We use predominantly natural materials for all things.


Retreat Season Starts April 15 and ends Sept 15

(Retreats are on your time, so you can start and end as you like. )

Fees:  Sliding scale depending on period of time staying and ability to pay.

Meals:  Enjoy home cooked vegetarian meals with the community or access kitchen before or after community meals. We cook over a wood stove, and there will always be someone there to assist.