Sustainable for a Future


Much like a wedding registry this page is a wish list of items we need. If you want to donate particular items we would appreciate you taking these into consideration:

Oil-Press; needed so we can produce our own seed and nut oils:


Flour Mill;We will be growing various staple grains which we will use to make breads and cereals. This Mill is something that is needed to make this process possible. While I was in India, I was visiting the family of a friend, his mother was grinding daal between two huge stones. So it’s definitely possible to grind things the old fashioned way, however, this machine would be preferable.

I chose this one after looking at 100 different models most of them have bad reviews and the ones that didn’t were made out of chemicals and best of all I checked out this blog where this person swore they did their best to find one that was inexpensive but good…and I checked out the product description on Amazon, lo and behold it is covered in some “powder” coating. I smell chemicals, don’t you?


Cooking Implements; If you or your grandmother has any stainless steel or preferably non-coated cast-iron pots and pans that you’re not using (even if they look like hell) you can donate them to the farm (we’ll pick them up!)

Pestle and Mortar; We’ll need to grind a lot of things and a nice pestle and mortar the better. If you got something you’re not using and will never use. Donate it and in return you can request delights from the farm!

Farm Tools: We’ll take any types and amount of spades, shovels, work gloves, wheel barrows, rakes…etc. Basically anything that you might need on a farm or in a garden.

Metal buckets and/or Garbage cans; We’re trying to stray away from plastic items so anything thats metal we’ll need.

Seeds; If you got heirloom or any non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seeds of any type we can use them. We also have farmer friends so what we can’t use we will share with others.

NON Galvanized Steel Metal Container: This will be used for our water purification system (we prefer not to use plastics)

Camping Gear: Help support our visitors but providing temporary housing while we build our cob structure.

Wooden Barrels: We’ll need these for so many things, if you got some laying around or want to donate new ones.

Overall the idea is sharing. If you donate these items you can do it for the sake of getting rid of junk, helping a cause or to barter with us for other goods. Either way we’re helping each other.