Sustainable for a Future

Our Story

L’isola Farm

L’isola was established in March of 2013. When we arrived on the land it was basically a garbage dump in certain contained areas.

“jamie”, Ben and Daniel worked hard and long to clean up the land which until now we have cleared a minimum of 1100 pounds of trash and hauled it to the dump. We have salvaged numerous materials to help build our living quarters and other fun projects.  After having to deal with someone else’s trash “i” realized more than anything we, as individuals on this planet need to start to think about taking responsibility for our own actions and that is precisely what this project is all about. From the food we grow to the waste we produce we must learn to manage all of it. We hope more people will join the movement or get involved in other ways such as visiting, spreading the word or donating (whether it be time, money or stuffs).

This Self-Sustaining Farm Community (SSFC) is no longer a concept but a small group of individuals working toward achieving balance with the land and gaining most of our necessary resources from it.  In my (“jamie”) travels over the past 10 years, i have encountered numerous individuals who possess the same desire, to live in a place where the most important elements are sharing, love, equality, fairness, humane-treatment, artistic creativity, ingenuity and most of all freedom.

For a long time the idea of developing a community such as the one described was beyond my scope because of practical issues but after coming into contact with such a large number of beautiful individuals with the same desire and spending time heeding to the “flow” i realized that there are enough people who share this desire and are willing to help in any way they can to realize this goal.

Therefore, if you feel inclined, use this place as a point of communication, sharing ideas and coming together to move forward.