Sustainable for a Future


L’isola’s Main Objective is to be Self Sustaining, however that’s a long way off!

Here are our Short Term Goals:

To build our staple seed stock big enough to yield food that we can eat NOW. Over the past three seasons we have been growing staples such as beans, quinoa, corn, sesame (for oil), sorghum, potatoes, onion, garlic and sunflower.

To increase our gardens by 30% in the upcoming 2016 season.

To put the finishing touches on our beautiful outdoor kitchen: adding a functional sink that is fed by our water collection system, adding some more storage space and beautifying  the new cob wall with design elements and plaster.

DSC_1376To plaster our new guest cottage.

To develop a better system for keeping chickens.DSC_1344

To finish our greenhouse/hot shower project. (For the carpenters out there WE NEED YOU!!!)DSC_1363

To continue working on the root cellar.

To refine our water systems and include gray water recycling.

We would like to build a new and improved outhouse.

To be able to rent the yurt for additional financial support for the project.

Long Term Goals:

I have often spoken of quite lofty things when discussing the nature and direction of this project, however, i have two ideas which i will put the most energy into because they are simple and not profit driven:

Since the farm needs on-going financial support we put it out to the universe that anyone looking to help start a small herbal tea venture join us. The base of the tea will be mint and we will blend in other fun and medicinal herbs including echinacea which grows wild on L’isola.

The second thing is hosting retreats. We are looking for yoga instructors or instructors of meditation or primitive skills workshops or permaculture workshops or acupuncture or homeopathy or natural building, to come host a retreat/workshop at L’isola. We are only looking to gain enough to keep the wheels turning and keep ourselves fed and healthy.

We hope to be able to host hermitages whereby people can come and spend time completely isolated from others.

Overall Goals:

We are really looking for a few people to really hop on board and become “full-time” members of the community. This doesn’t mean your total devotion and commitment (although of course that would be nice and welcomed). We really just need you to commit, some of your time over the course of an extended period of time i.e. one month once a year or 3 months per year etc. In this way, we’ll have a core group of members who contribute in body, spirit and wallet and in turn, L’isola will be a home base for wayward souls who wish to have a place to hang their hats in the interim periods between travels and adventures.

Prospective Members of the Community: We really ask a very basic thing, you respect the environment and each other. Decisions will be made on the basis of environmental priority vs. personal desires or ego-driven ideals.