Sustainable for a Future

Project Details


L’isola Farm and Community Project consists of four tiers

Starting March 2016 we are looking for volunteers to help continue to improve the quality of life at L’isola. Up coming projects include:

1)Finishing the greenhouse/bathing room with a rocket stove hot water heater~ Yes, we are getting super fancy (actually no we are not, rocket stove is to heat our greenhouse friends i.e. the three avocado sisters et. al. the hot water is just a convenient bi-product available during the coldest season only).

2.) Building a solar dehydrator for our photo-sensitve herbs/fruits/roots and more!

3.) Plastering the yurt using natural plaster and also adding a few more design elements. We will also be sealing off the roof in a more productive way.

4.) Building several more garden spaces as well as opening a seed stock plot out at Gentle Karma.

There are several more projects for the upcoming season, please inquire within!

We will also need hands for the gardens, planting trees and if anyone feels like taking on a solo carpentry project, we have a yoga platform in need of some serious love.

All inquires welcome, we need all the help we can get. Thank you


Here are our lofty plans from previous years: (we did accomplish almost everything here and with a few other great things!

Finishing the upgraded NEW kitchen, building a circular concrete yurt platform and making the yurt a permanent structure,  finishing a small cob shelter for fun fairy friends, starting a green house, excavation for root cellar, building a new toilet and figuring out what to do with a beautiful deck…And probably much more than this.

All projects utilize scrap materials and salvaged goods, are done to be most environmentally sound and are done as a team to ensure positive energy and garner creative input from all of our volunteers.


L’isola: The Vision

  • Self Sustaining Farm Community (commune)-

This aspect of the farm project deals with the environmental aspect of the farm. Volunteers and residents come together to work to ensure clean food and protection of the environment through a mixture of organic and permaculture farming practices.

  • Yoga/Meditation Retreat & Non-Denomination Spiritual Center-

This aspect of the project consists of the nourishment of body and soul through the practices of yoga and meditation. You will have the chance to take yoga and meditation courses with experienced instructors, practice on your own and partake in personal or group spiritual endeavors  i.e. group meditation sessions, vipassana meditation or choosing to stay a stretch of time at the heritage.

  • Social Outreach-

As the idea behind L’isola is that no man is an island. We extend our love into the community to work with high needs groups. The idea is to give marginalized persons a chance to participate in the elevation of self/group through holistic lifestyle maintenance.

  • Artist Internships-

These internships will be offered to aspiring artists in order for them to live for a stretch of time without having to worry about paying bills or where their next meal is coming from. Essentially we are looking to set up a studio in which an artist (of any medium) can come and work for free for up to a year.

Overall, the idea is that we work together to elevate the group as a whole. We wish to create a warm, nurturing environment where people can thrive.


For more details stay tuned for pamphlet #3.