Sustainable for a Future

Members of L’isola

¬†“jamie” ji?

One girl from Brooklyn who is working toward expanding the awareness of others through community building.

“jamie” put forth the intention that this project will¬† ultimately serve as a template for other similar projects in which a few or several people desire to come together and make a difference.

“jamie” (in quotes) signifies an ever changing pattern. A basic idea, loosely configured. “the word which represents the idea of a person who is nothing more than a collection of ideas.”

“jamie” seeks to help create a space in which compassion, understanding and pure love can thrive. A place where all are welcome.

DSC_1455Amos Carine

A Picasso depiction of what it would be like if Einstein and Gandhi had a baby, Amos, a humble peasant, writes articles using his keen sensibilities, knowledge on physics, spirituality and other such topics. He resides with the fairy, at L’isola where he spends his time, writing, painting, walking with purpose and growing roots.