Sustainable for a Future
Jamie Undermilk


“jamie” “makes” “Things”

The creative principle shows up wherever a person is imbued with all that is. When you’re aligned with creation everything you do is a form of art. Being in love with life and wanting to create every single moment is what my life is dedicated to. I wish to share my art with others in so many ways.

Some of the more tangible items can be found on a very un-updated page that I created for a project that I abandoned. It is still a good place for you to visit to see just probably a hundredth of a percent of what I am doing in the art of physical things.

Currently, I am working on a novel entitled: Message to Sender–Receiver it’s pretty awesome. I will share some with you soon and hopefully you’ll want to buy a copy or ten!

I am also surrounded by artists who I love and appreciate. Please take the time to scope our the local Brooklyn talent!

Here’s a little nugget filled with the various things “jamie” gets into. You can support L’isola by purchasing some art. ~click~~~*