Sustainable for a Future

The Area: Closing remarks


Following are some closing remarks and thoughts i had in mind but couldn’t seem to fit in the above text. There would be a sliding tax on items imported into the area. Some basic idea based on the distance and resources used to get it would be implemented to tax more heavily non local food and non edible items. There would also be a tax on certain products known to be bad for health and some products would be banned all together like soda pop and highly processed food. Toothpaste with fluoride, conventional mouthwash etc. People wouldn’t be tarred and feathered if they were drinking a pop every once in a while, but such products would not be endorsed by the state to say the least. The result of all this is two fold. First, more business would be directed to small businesses in the community and second the health of the public would be better than other places.

I want to experiment with different economies and eventually one would be selected for this community.

There are some social services but it is not a socialist place entirely. In general the government would leave people alone as long as they weren’t being destructive of the environment or other peoples way of life.

The above outline of a community and area of living is not more than an outline. Adaptations would happen as it evolved. I haven’t tried to sketch a society before and am surprised at how fun i found it to be! I hope it made you think once or twice about the society you want to be a part of and how it might be made.



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