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The Outline of Task Divisions: Who’s Who and What’s What | Sustainable for a Future
Sustainable for a Future
whos who

The Outline of Task Divisions: Who’s Who and What’s What


The tasks of the divisions will now be outlined:

Food and Craft would be responsible for ensuring the most nutritious food is being grown and the highest quality creations are made with minimal pollution or toxicity. They would ensure the herbal supplements or body products test heavy metal clean as well as the foods grown in the Area. They wouldn’t be overly anal about it but would test the products and put findings out to the public much like Mike Adams, the health ranger, does. They would be able ban toxic items or require a labeling if toxicity or health risk is somewhere in the middle. If foods or herbs are found to be consistently polluted, the land from where they came from would be examined to try to find the deeper cause and make corrections if possible. This division would also have consultation for farmers or herbalists.

Public Health would ensure practitioners of medicine or healing or some other practice are properly accredited. They would not be too nosy unless a serious report of injury is made and then they will make a proper investigation. An employee of this division would sit in the Social Services building for free consulting on health related issues and finding care for those without coverage or wishing to be directed to a doctor. This division would distribute certain health items like one or two very high essential oil vials a year, Berkey water filters to households and low cost hand mixed toothpastes (ideally bought from a local vendor) and floss. There would be at least one employee devoted solely to the happiness and quality of life of participants. They would see to the overall health of the individual and a lifestyle that incorporates work and leisure and recreation and rest. Blood work, vitamin tests and aids testing could be ordered here for the actual cost of tests and without question by the doctor. There may be limits of how often you can get the same test without any apparent reason, but in general if you want something and pay, you will just ask and receive. People over 65 could be seen for free by division doctors.

Infrastructure would be in charge of the upkeep of roads and bridges, public buildings and water tower maintenance. They would offer jobs to participants first and then outside companies if a job requires more help. Given the small population size and lightly trodden infrastructure due to not everyone being allowed to drive a car all of the time, a few full time employees will do most of the time. They would clear debris on roads after a storm and etc.

Economics, Taxes and Trade would have the first responsibility of seeing that the economy is functioning well enough for citizens to not work as often as the mainstreamers do to make a living. There would be leave time for pregnancy for women and men for two full years which would not expire for life. They would just have to put in a notice. One Employee (or more) would advise local business men free of charge. This department would keep records of government spending and would collect taxes from individuals and businesses. They would also work in conjunction with Public Relations and Tourism to bring more money into the area.

Social Services would find residences for poor to avoid homelessness, they would help people find jobs by running a public data base of job opening in the area, they would give out clothes if need be and temporary emergency food credits, they would provide regular food assistance, and they would be in charge of registering and finding care for those over 65 years of age.

Public Relations and Tourism would address outside communications inquiries (citizens are of course allowed to talk to the ‘outsiders’) as well as how to best market the Area for businesses. They would write a newspaper for the city including reports of sending or motions approved or proposed or new appointments or important public dates and events. Private newspapers that may be more interesting would be encouraged by the state, but the state issued one would be like a business report. It could contain state jobs being offered and the like. This division would also put on holiday celebrations and festivals. The would be an operator so to speak and direct citizens to the right other division for their inquires. There would not be a state news channel or video media coverage. The place is small enough that you can go see for yourself if you are curious. This division would promotes ways of getting more through traffic or business for local shops by the creation and maintenance of public recreation parks and hiking and biking trails or what-have-you.

Law would be comprised of community members chosen as judges. Required would be a split of 50/50 male and female judges. The judges have to get either 80% of the population to sign them in or 100% of the Elders. I am not sure if the term would be for life or 25 years. 4-7 judges. They would work through legislation and also sit for small cases. One court doing all levels would work for such a small community.

Police would employ officers. The laws of the U.S. would apply. Some laws and responsibilities of police more specific to this area would be enforced such as: No curfew but also no night hours of operation for business, no smoking, caffeine use or alcohol consumption before going into public recharge centers, nudity is fine though obscenity is not, and making sure participants put the required public gardening and educational work to name a few. The officers would have guns. They would serve 5 year terms and must meet approval of head of division and 85% of Elders.

Education would bear the responsibility of schools and colleges. Would implement measures to ensure the youth is meeting (and hopefully well exceeding) national standards. The school system would be more student-interest lead and have no more than 15 kids per teacher for all grades extending into college. They would calculate the education budget and report it to Economics for representation in the state budget. Teachers would be allowed to select books and course material for individual classes and even individual students.


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