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The Area: Land Ownership and Housing


The way the land for this place would be acquired might be a process mediated by the joining of new members wishing to buy into The Area and live as part of The Agreement. Everyone would own their own land. It may start out with a few core and key elements. For example, an herbalist agreeing to sell at a discount to other members of The Agreement. A natural builder interested in people who want natural buildings (which would be advised due to their low cost and health benefits due to being chemical free) may join and offer his services to new members wishing to settle in The Area. A farmer with good soil, etc. So it would build organically as new members joined the team.

Eventually there would be community spaces, but people would have the independence to do on their land as they wish to do as free individuals as long as it doesn’t violate any environmental or social rules as agreed upon. There would not need community approval for a front yard garden or a certain type of building, for example.

As for houses, natural building is preferred. The main reason is that it is healthier for the individual to be away from conventional toxic building supplies for a normal house and also as natural building is less taxing on the environment. Another reason is that it would be in the common interest of everyone involved if a majority of the population were debt free. It would mean they could invest money into their well being, a new business or the community economics instead of fueling the engines of big this and that and whatever nonsense they got themselves into or had forced on them by modern societal pressures. Would you wish your neighbor to be worried about dues and accruing more with house payments or to have a long lasting home that is low maintenance and more chemical free? What neighbor would be more friendly?

There would be a state building team available to do cob houses. You would be free to do a more traditional American home or another type of natural building. The benefits for different types of buildings would be discussed. However, the team would only do cob or something similar. It should be noted that cob is amazingly moldable to the tastes and functions required of the home owner and that the team would work in close contact with if not actually with the owners. Other housing options would be a private endeavor. This team of builders would give employment to participants. The team would charge the new home owner a fee, but compared to normal building it, well, just wouldn’t compare. The workers would get paid and the costs covered and the state would get a small amount if money for facilitating and providing the state run program.


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