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The Area: Customs and Beliefs | Sustainable for a Future
Sustainable for a Future
how we do it

The Area: Customs and Beliefs


The next general point is on the topic of beliefs or religion. The state would not be associated with any religion or set of beliefs (not bible lead or eastern philosophy lead). The main guiding principle would be: do no harm to others and don’t inhibit the beliefs of others. No belief or non-belief is required. You are free to believe in whatever, to believe in whatever god or to make your own god and in this manner do as you wish as long as it doesn’t violate reasonable human conduct of affairs in the community.

No practice, no meditation, no following of commandments is required. The doctors may advise certain ways, research may others, but there is no law about this. Not everyone is a Dalai Lama. Some may be without any practice. Who knows, but it is certainly not the state’s business. No authority is recognized as knowing best on this level besides the individual. There would be “temples” of sorts aimed at charging up energies of citizens but not requiring any belief system or obligations. Someone with knowledge of how to build for enhancement of energy would need to design such centers. They could be up kept by state fed ‘monk types’ who would do meditations and chants and the like there. I am not sure how the place would be built or what precisely would be done there, but it would be a calm environment for citizens anytime but especially before starting work.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A Home View~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Composting would be both a public and private practice. Every house would be encouraged to compost for themselves, or if they can’t use it or take the time, to give it to their neighbor. If not the neighbor than a farmer, if all that is too much, the state will pick it up like they do garbage and take it to a state run farm.

Their would be composting toilets and the composted matter would be treated as above. The outhouses would be private to each house and run by its members. No one is above their own shit and there is no class of untouchables required to do this work. For the sake of sanitation the outhouse and the container for human waste would be inspected every year for a city home. There would be public restrooms with flushing toilets and showers. Although this is a place more social than America, you would still have to bring your own soap and towel.

There would be public hiking and biking trails, and a park with some sports fields. These would be maintained by volunteers and employment. For any state occupation if a steady and consistent volunteer be found after a trail period they may receive food credits or help with utilities to a degree based on the hours worked.

There would be free education and cheap if not free college. Common higher education courses would focus on jobs and practices found in The Area. Subjects like massage or herbalism or acupuncture or the type of agriculture allowed in this area or natural dentistry etc. would be at the forefront of education but also more traditional subjects or areas of academic interest would be offered. The community would not be opposed to people seeking other degrees but would try to offer education which secures the well-being of the area.

There would be a higher income tax percentage than the current and some items of sale. This tax may initially be off-putting and more expensive than people are used to but when you see what social services are offered and also look at how much less of your money is spent on others health problems and officials salaries, then you may see how it is actually worth it overall. The money used for the bettering of the peoples life experience and personal health and strength of community would pay off in the end (in the middle and beginning too!).



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