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Water Healing: How to Consciously Collect and Contain Water | Sustainable for a Future
Sustainable for a Future
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Water Healing: How to Consciously Collect and Contain Water


Water collection and distribution is a critical topic when discussing community building. Here are some ideas on the particulars:

There will be one tank for every few houses. The exact number of houses per tank depends on consumption rate and size of tank. Ideally, there should be a small number of houses per tank. The source of water would be from a safe spring or from rain. The water may  or may not be pumped into the house depending on the power source that is being used and the people’s personal preferences.

I believe if the water sits inside the house in a large vessel or in smaller containers, it will return to its natural form. One could have a large vessel supported high in the kitchen for doing dishes. Gravity is one force that is free of charge, emission free and in no short supply.

Once the water gets to the house it can be filtered in a charcoal water filter (such as a Berkey) which will be provided by the state. The issue with a single water tower for each house is the varied consumption of water between households. To offset this maybe there could be a monitor on the valve and that is what you would pay for if you use more than such and such an amount. The cost of building and maintenance and refilling of the tower and water delivery system would be calculated and added as a % in the overall cost of income taxes.

This is a brief and basic illumination of a water delivery system. As mentioned above, how we treat water, and i don’t mean chemically but emotionally, is of paramount importance to the health of a body.

Emoto outlines this test in his book: Take three jars of water and add rice to each. To one jar say “thank you” or “I love you” to the second say “You’re disgusting” and the third completely ignore. Do this everyday for one month. The first will ferment creating a desirable and beautiful environment for microbes, the second will spoil and putrefy and the ignored one will become rank, black colored and undesirable. Many people have replicated this experiment and have gotten these same results.

If you have done this or something like it please comment!

An application that can be implemented for the purpose of maintaining the structural/spiritual integrity of the water could be public service chants or music or intentional thoughts would be directed at the water storage units. In Emoto’s book,  he shows the pictures of the results of water being exposed to folk music, prayers and also ordinary people’s words and writing; the photographs are magnificent.

So as a public service the state would pay people who are gifted or very loving to “pray” over water towers and perhaps over home tanks as well.  Weekly events could be hosted by the state for musical performances from conscious players or for chanting. This would create a social awareness regarding the health of the water.

“Jamie” and i have started putting the words Love and Gratitude together on our water containers. We noticed a difference between water jugs when we only had one jug labeled last summer. Emoto has found that the combination of the words Love and Gratitude make the most beautiful and elegant crystals. I don’t know if it is too much of a hippy thing, but i have thought of painting it on my truck (don’t worry, it has no or little resale value and i plan to keep it long). That might be a bit much, might not be. At the moment i am holding back from running out to get a razor and construction paper to make stencils. I did paint it on my guitar’s fret board and feel good about that. Zero regrets.

Perhaps there could be some kind of test for the water healers using Emoto’s rice idea to see who is the most effective healer of the water. To figure this out maybe there could be a blind study where the individual prays for twenty minutes over a glass and then other people drink a sample from each glass and note which, if any, tastes or feels better.

In my own words it is the grandma effect. Picture a bowl of soup. Imagine how it tastes. Now picture being handed that same bowl of soup by a smiling grandma and imagine its taste. That’s the difference we all can make. We all affect each other and in this Area that would be a part of the society and culture.


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