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Foundation for a New Society: It’s in the Water | Sustainable for a Future
Sustainable for a Future
water cristal

Foundation for a New Society: It’s in the Water


~~~~~~~~~~~~~Foundations and Motivations~~~~~~~~~~

There has been some scientific thoughts in the air about how water has memory and this is the basis for the imaginary society I am outlining over the course of the next several articles. But first, the groundwork–or ground water as the case may be…

The work of Emoto the water crystal photographer is accessible to anyone who has internet and eyes to see the pictures that speak for themselves. Other work has been done in research. There are a few good documentaries on youtube about water memory. Just search: water memory under the criterion of a long film and you will find one worth watching.

As a young boy i had thoughts along these lines too, not explicitly that water has memory, but that since we are easily affected by things coming into our body, water being forced and pumped must make people have a worse mood. I had an intuitive sense but no empirical proof. I knew i was right, but being a kid who had no science to fight the fight with him and knowing that even if people listened, no one would want to pay for a different water system that treated water more kindly i just backed down.

‘Who would pay for it?
Who would care about this?
Who would install it or design it for that matter?’ i thought.

At that age i had a sense but knew i was a general without an army. I ended up thinking about it for a spell and then convinced myself i should hold it in. ‘Later when i could have more of a hand in matters i will do something different,’ i counseled myself.

Looking at how my parents are, now that i am old enough to be objective about their faults and strong points, i bet they would have understood and we could have done something in our own house at least. But i said nothing and who knows the price paid by our minds and bodies. This was a first of many lessons about not holding thoughts or emotions inside.

When it is said that water has memory, it doesn’t mean that there are exact recalls of past events like in a human brain. It is referring to the shape and form of water molecules. The structure of water has an effect on our emotions and body. If water is treated harshly with hate, it will be more toxic, if it is treated tenderly with love it will be more beneficial to the body. What we do to water affects what it does to us. Perhaps this is one expression of the lack of separateness in this existence.

There is very reasonable evidence for water having memory or a structure which both has great affect on the human body and that we have a hand in structuring the water ourselves via our attitude towards it and our manner of regarding it. As water is one of the main ingredients of life, this knowledge about it should be taken into account when setting up living spaces.

It would be beneficial to design a water system with these ideas in mind.

*Water hates being pumped with large forces and hates sharp turns. A natural flow (creek or unforced) is best.

*It takes water time to settle after being pumped. It will become healthier with a little time

*Water is affected by loving thoughts or chants

The problem with these points is that science has a trouble whenever anything is observer dependent; when the criteria for success starts to be weighted on subjective scales. There was an immunologist who used this knowledge to make water hold onto the imprint of a toxin, but not contain the toxin, and the result was that the body geared up its defenses without negative effect from the very diluted poison. But he himself acknowledged how the effect is dependent on the experimenter or administrator.


“Prof. Benveniste died on October 3, 2004. Before he passed away, however, he posited unknown interactions with digital signals that produce these effects and states that he observed similar experimenter variability in his laboratory (personal communication). He stated that certain individuals consistently get digital effects and other individuals get no effects or block those effects. While it is possible that other, unknown “experimenter” factors, such as the influence of chemical residues, energetic emanations or intentionality from individual experimenters could be an explanation for these findings, we did not test these hypotheses nor developed a framework that would control for such factors.” [http://www.fasebj.org/content/20/1/23.full]

It seems science isn’t mature enough to handle such provocative findings. All babbly gook aside, if you have felt this, you know it. You have felt it even if you don’t know it. I have had the experience of staring into a water glass with high intention and focus and feeling and sharing it with Jamie. She later that day said she felt invigorated. I don’t think i mentioned anything about the drink because i didn’t want to claim credit (i mean it is the dynamics of the universe deserving real credit). Yet i have noticed this effect first hand a few other times in a dramatic way. Really, it should be everyday that we put good intentions into water and so benefit.

Following these basic points i make a draft of ways to access water. Which can be accessed in the next article in this series.


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