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Atypical Pharmacy in Town: Healthy Healthcare and Holistic Lives


(Imagine some sort of fancy segue statements)….From an economic and results-driven standpoint, there could be a source of income from rehabilitation and natural hospitals in the Area. A hospital could give natural treatments and have patients work in the soil for a part of their treatment; All the microorganisms and bacteria will aid in any treatment plan.

Individual members in the community could do the same type of service as personal business targeting outsiders or participants. Natural doctors and crafters of natural remedies as well as cottage industries could make up a significant portion of the economy of the region.

Hand-crafted remedies or medicines would be tested for pollutants by a state officials with the actual cost of the test but not more to be paid by the seller. There would not be a typical pharmacy in town.

If there is a life/death emergency, then matters would be handled at a state hospital. More severe but sometimes life saving conventional medications or procedures could take place there. Part of being a natural doctor or herbal consultant or health adviser in the Area would be an agreement as to the steps of progression in treating illness.

First, lifestyle attitudes and diet is discussed. Many people may see improvement by not stressing themselves out and eating foods to balance them out. If that isn’t enough then herbal treatment would ensue. Conventional medicine and surgery would be avoided if not shunned. It wouldn’t be illegal itself but besides emergencies there would be no one legally allowed to practice conventional medicine or prescribe such drugs.

This Area would try to maintain a number of participants hovering around 500. The reason being is that this is roughly¬† the number of people one can get to know well and by name. I am certain people can hold thousands of peoples stories in their memory with clarity though I don’t think everyone would want to or care enough to. At the beginning at least there will be a population of 500 and that might be maintained for some time…


And so another nugget from Amos on the new society. Stay tuned for more insights and food for thought.


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