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Vocal Vibrations and the Pattern


Whenever a sound is uttered, it affects the environment whether it is positive or negative. Though i like to muse that there really isn’t a positive or negative. For humans though, what you speak and hear matters more than one likes to give credit to; more than one would like to imagine. It is tough to keep your words in check, and i don’t mean being a grammar stickler or manner Nazi. It is tough because it means one has to face up to making somebody’s day worse or better, but that is the reality. Your interactions with fellow human beings will always be perceived as either positive or negative. Manners only matter because they have a method to them. Good manners matter as they are simply patterns embedded in language.

The majority of what you may term as being you is nothing other than a pattern. There are patterns of thoughts and feelings, and these begin to dictate your experience of life and gain a momentum. Ultimately, no heed should be given to personal history or memory, but if a certain sequence builds a greater moment, it will become a habit or a condition and take over and determine the future as well. The majority of what you call you is just a reverberation of familiar cycles. As you are sound and a certain vibration, the sounds you make and those engulfed into you have greater import. The quality of sound is important as well, not just the content. Has anyone ever said i love you or sorry without the right timbre? It simply isn’t affective.  There are many types of sound, from language to noises made by the inert body to even the larger sound movements, sounds which compose a piece over some time, which might be termed tendencies. Patterns and noise go together as song or vibration is just a repetition of a certain frequency.

I’ve held debate through the past year about whether patterns are human made or part of the universe even without the human factor present. My stance is that every pattern or past structure is a fabricated sequence by a human interpreter. Einstein said that concepts such as time and space, and so the dinner meat of physics, are the free inventions of the human intellect. Being the curious physicist he was, he reveled in the freedom of the mind that let him muse upon the cosmos. Unfortunately, most people are just troubled by the patterns and concepts created in their thought. It is easy to see that some patterns benefit a person while others are detrimental.

Have you ever known anybody that no matter how good things are going for them, they always fall back down on their face? If you look at a person, they may be fluid and healthy in their existence, or they are stuck on repeat with a terrible rigidity. When thoughts and emotions play like a broken record- always looping- there is no chance for innovation or change and the person will do the same damn stupid thing again and again. However, if a person thinks that their mode of existence is self-created, that patterns are made by humans, then they are less likely to say “this is me and at this point in the scheme of things i usually shoot off my own foot.” This sounds extreme, but in the current social atmosphere, such action is unfortunately more appealing and common than it should be.

The human mind can only see and make sense of a world of pattern, or habit even. A leading physicist has recently been hypothesizing that nature itself is operating on habit. This is not a mundane glimmer cast on the world though. See, if the world works from habit that means that while it generally follows certain rules or tendencies, there is the chance of novelty. It means that there may be no cycle that is set in stone. Every event may be novel and just seem to follow a strict order because of nature’s affinity for habit.  Things fall because nature has gotten accustomed to such behavior. I muse if part of human existence is that newness can be part of an excursion, and not just part of the same old. When you utter a sound, you orchestrate such a pattern, and in a human it is not called a law but a demeanor. What you say and think can create the environment and a path for you, so there is such often untapped power in speech. What you say can impart a form to nature. This is great if you do it consciously, but if not, the shapes might be as distorted as water that is called disgusting 24/7.

There is no escaping vibrations. Every single moment there is sound coming into you without a seconds break. It is the heart beat of a lover, your tongue, but also just the way you move and stand. If a person becomes aware enough of the noise in everything he will noticed how much sound the human body makes of its own accord. He will hear his own eyelids blink and try to stand as still as possible. They may speak less, or more. Most people should speak less as a rule of thumb, but for some, not saying anything is the harmful course. Such individuals have recognized the vibrational nature of existence.

Those who have more awareness are capable of a powerful silence, but also are capable of using their voice. Being silent by will no way writes off being able to be vocal. There are many noises most humans pick up on, your lunch partner or a horn or the shaking of earth to rambling thoughts. To hear anything more subtle, you have to turn off your own sound productions. Everyone wants to broadcast their own label, but it is mostly complaints because the circumstances made by current times. SO that would best be left an unsigned deal. Nature won’t tell her secrets any louder because you can’t hear the whisper over yourself. You have to get rid of the excess noise. The most obvious source is your own mouth! Only in greater quiet can her soft utterances be heard over the din of human affairs.

As said, sounds made and heard are terrifically important to your well being and those around you. If consciously made vibrations are around, say a good piano player or story teller, then you will walk away like you took an upper. You are in a grace. It doesn’t even matter if you pay attention if the player is good, it will anyway work. Everything goes in the ear and the memory of the body is exact and as detailed as a snowflake. The mind forgets but the cells and water in you remember exactly. However, if you are a noisy person, you won’t cash out as well as someone who is more receptive. If you make your own noise, you’re just contributing to the racket and don’t deserve the benefit of quiet anyway. The side of noisiness or a perfection of balanced tones will dictate your experience by how you align yourself. If people were more pleasant inside, their effervescence would only be sources of joy.  All you hear about is pain and anxiety. Ideally, there is a balance between voicing and listening. How situations and people exist today, it’d be better if there were more conversions to silence.

I’ve been riding the subway of late trying to hustle with some covers and originals. I’m trying to make chump change with the old geetar. Many people represent this idea that NYC is the best place for music opportunities. People flock here to try their hand. Really, i think they come to try out the “life of convenient inconvenience,” as “jamie” put it—to have excuses to get nothing done—

Musicians aspire for that golden record label, forgetting that good sounds only come from what is running well itself, what is nice inside. They want to be heard but they don’t want to hear. They want to speak and not hear the world, or the world in them.

From personal experience just watching the people i play to, music has a time expiration date in the big noisy city. What is a city if it is not a pile up of congested noise? Any song absorbed into my audience will wear off and be completely obliterated in 20 hours max by the blaring static background. There is no chance, no opportunity to have a long term positive effect on the emotive state of listeners here, but anyway i must play. A quiet audience will soak in the musings and hold it. Here, it just overspills. Wherever people are, i want them to have enough room in their noise pail to hear the universe dance and hum.  One thing that clears space is letting others have the stage more often.

The absolute bottom line, if you look at matters simply, is that people are water and some electricity, or if you will more moving energy. People also are a mouthpiece which can affect a pattern onto their own and others existence. The basis of everyone around you, water, takes on magnificent or deformed forms based on what you say and your conduct. You are tied to the essential component of your neighbor. The internal state of men is what the larger picture takes the form of, this is nothing new. If what your speech affects the essential ingredient of life in those around you, then you create a heaven or hell to live in.

-Amos Carine


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