Sustainable for a Future
yurt location may change

Come Stay at L’isola Farm in Style!


Yurt rentals are only $60 per week and include FREE Daily Yoga!

For just $10 a day you can enjoy a delicious vegetarian/vegan meal with our family.

What are the benefits of renting the yurt at L’isola farm?

Great for a quiet vacation for you and the family

Opportunity for peace, meditation, time in nature

Escape the daily EMF pollution normally found it cities and towns

Have a new and exciting experience living off the grid

Meet new people!



  1. I definitely want to reserve some time at the yurt !
    When the dogwoods are in bloom and the sunset seems to glow forever, as the frogs and crickets sing me to sleep!

  2. Hello all, I was doing some research on communal living and saw your site. Not sure if your looking for full time members or not but seems you’re new at this. I’m older and have a lot of skills to offer but first would like to know more about your project. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

    • hi, thanks for commenting. we are a new community, just sorta in our infancy stage. we are looking for people who might be a good fit to join as members. if you’re interested in visiting or talking more, please fill out the contact form on the contact page of this site. Thank you,

      “jamie” ji

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