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Did He Who Made the Lamb Make Thee?


It seems like everyone is talking about the nature of reality/existence and strangely almost everyone you meet is more than willing to offer The Answer–or at best an answer. It’s almost shocking that there are so many people who have “figured it out” yet we are all still running around like mindless particles on haphazard courses to no-particular-where (sorry, particles for suggesting that you are mindless). One would think that it couldn’t possibly be the case, that those with answers could be so down-right lost.

And really, who am “i” to suggest such an observation–just an egg, to quote Heinlein.

This egg, wants to offer it’s idea that is so absurdly, NOT radical, that it may very well end up being revolutionary. Again, my disclaimer is this:

i am not saying that this is an answer i am offering to the world, merely

a simply, “that would be cool….”

Consider the odds, that we, are very simply automatons, programmed to do any number of executable tasks, that and no more. I know i have already made this claim a number of times from a number of perspectives, but i feel it is worth re-kindling the flames of this vein of thought.

After reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret, i was filled with the same wonder and thoughtfulness that has filled me time and time again throughout my life when i am confronted with a cool possibility. It is the same feeling i felt when i finished reading a children’s book on black holes, a few days ago. The mere prospect of speculation on things that could be, and things we really can’t know anything about, is thrilling.

Years ago, after reading The Buddha in the Robot, i thought to myself “wouldn’t it be funny if, from the perspective of a being who didn’t know better, there were beings who were created–like robots–that could find their own energy source. They would appear to be completely autonomous to the unbeknown observer, but to the maker of the robot, it would be clear that this function of finding energy or daresay, food, is simply a mechanism written into the robot so that they would not have to rely on the creator for sustenance. “

If we take this perspective, and transpose humanity into the place of the robot, you have a very interesting line of inquiry.

Is it possible, that we are little robots, created by some intelligent being, for whatever particular reason, who were programmed with the capacity to find our own energy?

And of course there are those who will immediately utter the controversial word that elicits reverence from some and repugnance from others:  GOD

I don’t think it is really important to know the nature of this being, nor the intent. I think it is simply an exercise in humility to be able to consider, that this design for which it seems all parts are accounted¬† for, may very well be the design of a conscious being.

This is NOT meant to downplay Randomness, Chaos, or Synchronicity.

I just can’t help but think that all things seem so damn perfect, how could it be any other way?

Visit this link, and then think to yourselves what about this makes it so chilling?

With love and gratitude,

“jamie” ji



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