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The Trained Eye: Tripping on a Mega Dose of Me



The majority of humans are nutrient deficient.  Most everyone is lacking  minerals, photochemicals and other valuable food-derivatives.  In order for the diet to be restored, industrial farming must go.

Industrial farming methods deplete food to the extent that one would have to eat ten times what is normal to get the required nutrients.  Who can eat like that?

The only way I can see the market shifting and declining for industrial food is for people to buy less and grow more.  Old methods aught to be renewed; the things that worked for the ancients can be revisited. A great hope I see in people who are interested in sustainability is a tendency to figure out how things were done by ancient people. Since one can’t go back and reference certain practices, people today have to re-learn what has been lost.

Obviously, not everyone can grow a fully balanced sustenance, but people can join together with their neighbors and share responsibility in order to achieve self-reliance.

So, there is a nutrient shortage. There is also an equally devastating chemical shortage–and it’s happening in the brain.

Within the brain and other cells throughout the body  there are receptors for chemicals that aren’t met by their full potential. People are depleted of certain chemicals that help one be a full and joyous human being. To make up for this shortage people often turn to drugs (both pharmaceutical and synthetic/heavily processed street drugs).

For a rare few people, being drugged can be profound. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to do or not do drugs.  What I am saying is: just because we have these receptors doesn’t mean we should plug into them by the means of drugs.  The human can naturally create a chemical cocktail better than the most gifted pharmacist.  Even if you use a plant chemical you are using only one specific drug component out of a myriad of chemicals that can be utilized.

If you are going to drug, every cell component should be dripping with ecstasy. Drugs do one or a few things to a person, but the human body has the potential to create a full cocktail in perfect proportion.  Again, I am not against tripping. It is just that the ultimate trip should be just being YOU.  It is more efficient and you don’t have to search for a drug on the black internet or something like that.

If you can trip by yourself, the fix is always available.  Today, people are dopamine and endorphin deficient.  These chemicals are so scarce within most people that if you are a creative thinker, you are branded a druggy.  I don’t know this for sure, but I would bet that there used to be more creative people two hundred years ago than are found today.

People have to call in external aid and stimulants to be creative in this modern society.  People have an utter lack of chemicals that let them see the novelty of the world.

What I imagine is for people to drug whenever they want and still function without an external pill or extract.  There is a taboo for seeing or feeling or experiencing more than others around you do.  As a person who has broken many taboos I know about stigmas and that bullshit. When it comes to being a joyful human, it should not depend on forces from outside of yourself.

Creating environments where it is not work 24/7 allows one to explore themselves and/or space-out if they need to.  If you are on duty all of the time, there is not time to look at things the way they are.  If you look at a leaf or raindrops for more than a few seconds while working you will appear to be slacking.  It is only around people that love you and you love that you can stare for hours.  Few households have this love, almost no employers really care about their workers, especially not at corporations.  So everyone goes on drugging in one way or another, by food or TV or fighting or shopping.  There are chemically deficient and do not make safe places for self-exploration.

The idea that EVERYTHING you see is an hallucination is not some out-there talk. Neuroscientists have looked at vision and broken it into 12 functions: one does “straight” lines, another roundness, or shades or curvature or dots, etc.  So the idea that all these functions are going on, each by itself is rubbish.  Just look in front of you and imagine only seeing horizontal lines.  Would you see anything at all?

Well, that is all that your eyes can see.  The rest–the whole–is put together and created in a way that is the same as hallucinating.  Everything that you see is just a memory impression put together by your mind.  Your mind receives raw input and paints a picture out of isolated pigments.  If it works, your brain remembers what input went with what physical stimulus.  The vision field experienced by most people is nothing other than a tapestry woven by habit and past experience. Unfortunately, this can inhibit people from seeing anything new or seeing things that aren’t light.  People are so used to this one type of drugging, the sight function that is, that they either close off their mind to seeing anything they haven’t seen before or they completely shutdown the factory producing chemicals that aide in sight beyond the eyes and retina function.

Overall, the modern world is deficient in drugging chemicals and in seeking them out in the wrong avenues.  Some people don’t even know that they are acting out of chemical deficiency when they go shop or listen to music, but they are and this lack of internal drugging is to be accredited for these phenomena.  There aren’t any places for the needed expressions that lead to a natural dose, so that is what I am seeking; I want to make and be part of such an environment. Unfortunately, too few of them exist.

-Einstein meets Gandhi


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