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The Shape of Infinity: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Vibe


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Yes Amos, a good filter is important.

Over the years, my solution to the “bad vibes” has simply been to jump ship however, i realize this is not an option for everyone. I think that Amos’ point that a filtration system is needed, is totally valid. Though i might add that some other mechanisms need to be put into place as well.

Namely, we need to truly understand the nature of noise to begin with. I think that many people understand what “vibes” are but don’t actually know how fundamental these “vibes” actually are.

Vibes, or vibrations are at the core of every single object in the known and probably unknown universe. We (and everything else) are nothing more than things that vibrate (or simply move–more at: gyrate, even). Sometimes we create our own vibrations (so we think), other times we react to the vibrations of others, and there is perhaps and even deeper level some people reach in which they can actually resonate with the vibrations of, daresay, the god-head.

Call it what you will, the spirit that imbues all things seems to do so by creating motion in the cosmic waters–the ripple effect reaches us and we act accordingly.

So, how is it, one might ask, that we can lose ourselves in the chaotic banter of the here-and-now–the vacuum state of the city and most of the modern world?

Could it be, that we create these new vibrations which are in some way, meant to trump those of the divine? That we petty mortals that we may be, have found a way to focus only on what is going on in our own solipsistic bubble; we have created a hall of reverberations that we have forgotten how to escape from.

So it does come down to focus, we need to shift gears and focus on something that is not being drooled out from some dullard’s gullet or out of machines-innumerable. In order to re-focus we must first learn that there is something Else. It may very well be just as simply as nature, just things going about their business with no particular aims.

When this becomes apparent, you can simply just tune out, though it is also true, as Amos states, there are taxes–equations must be balanced–nothing is lost on us, information will resurface somewhere else and if left uncheck the consequences can be devastating.  In addition to tuning out you must also cleanse yourself. This can be done in any number of ways from art to writing to exercise to simply making lists–it’s like digesting food, you take in a hunk of something and then it’s the body’s job to allocate the good stuff to the right places and take the leftovers and properly dispose of them. In other words, you gotta poop out your crap.

Plain and simple, as with a car filter or air-conditioning filter, if you don’t clean it, eventually it gets gunked up and malfunctions.

Lastly, back to vibes. We can always know who or what gives a good or a bad vibe. We feel it ripple through our guts, rather obtrusively. Take the idea that we are nothing more than water bags full of electricity and some other crap. We: all tubes and canals that transport fancy waters all throughout this vessel-body. Many have experimented with the shapes that water takes on in the wake of focused utterances i.e. the shape that water makes when thanked vs. the utterance “you make me sick.”

What if every single water molecule in our body takes on the shapes of that which it experiences all the time?

We now have a dichotomy:     That which is geometrically beautiful and that which is literally chaotic and unpleasant to look at.

Essentially, what you let in, what is around you and what you produce all lend to the shape that water will primarily take, it seems wise to do one’s best to make certain that the shape of the liquid in your vessel be pleasing, as shapes are wont to be pleasing-we naturally gravitate toward the symmetrical–our aesthetic sense is hardwired as such.

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