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Filter out the Noise: All You Need is a Good Filtration System


This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Vibrations--YOU

Response to “jamie’s” post:  Chaos and Information: Noise and Meaning

Your comment on the world melting is beautifully said.  You are right that this society produces human beings who can get by using very little of their potential.  So many of the actions dubbed as normal are really artificial constructions; simply working the same job and driving to the same spots, eating the same type of food, and so the line goes…

Everything is the same: houses and jobs and clothes and this normalcy is dumbing-down humanity. Normal today is to be below par. And as habits entrench individuals in their own cushioned world of the familiar, the more we will see  people wasting their potential.

* * *

As far as the idea of sound desensitizing people goes: I would say that it is an addiction. Meaning,  if you take people who are used to the city and brought them to the quiet of a forest they would most likely freak out because they are addicted to distraction/noise.  Many hate the silence of nature and find discomfort in the quiet. I think this is because if there were quiet both inside and out, there would be the possibility of changing how one operates deep down.  People are concerned that they might end up slipping into another form of existence-losing a sense of concreteness that is often lost when one peers below; the idea is daunting.  Contrariwise, in the noisy din of the city, nothing will happen to you (you will not have to entertain such thoughts as those that challenge the integrity of the fabric of “reality”) and there is a sense of security.  The tragedy here is having nothing happen to you.

A constant barrage of sounds is quite literally a pathogen your body. This warrants the immune system to send out antibodies to correct the upset caused by aimless sound. [Note: the body already has enough work to do just cleaning up all of the toxins being dumped into it daily.]

The problem is that these reactions to noise become habit and then, even when there isn’t noise to battle, when it is quiet, you’ve so conditioned yourself that you either must run back to a traffic jam or stuff your ears with ear buds.  So you end up acting  as though there is some noise to volume-battle with even when there isn’t.

Have you ever fought with two stereos? One person likes their music and the other theirs?  The first adds a few more decibels then the person in the other room responds with a few higher.  Soon the neighbors are wondering what is up and your speakers are about to blow out.

Nature’s voice is quiet, and she won’t speak over people.  When you’re yelling at someone who has no bone to pick with you, you are being disrespectful.  Humans, and especially people in cities, show no respect to nature and we are already falling out of her graces.

When will we learn to simply shut up?

*  *  *

You [“jamie”] speak of people being very simplistic in thought and action. Part of this is all of the rubbish-info people are bombarded with.  Two things are happening:

ONE: is that there is more data and senseless noise in the world today than ever before.

                                              TWO: people have weak filters.  These two aspects combined are crippling and create feeble minds, minds that listen to every ‘important’ article, the news and everyone they run into (who are just recycling propaganda).

When you take-in everything without discretion, the mind is split in 30 different ways but also the thoughts become split-second occurrences with little relevance or substance ; within a second the mind can shift. With so little commitment in any direction, the mind whips in the wind and never develops.

It is said that current humans use 12% of their brain capacity, but with a robo-job and other robotic propensities, I imagine it being even less.

When one is focused, the brain capacity will most likely be noted as increasing. What is needed is a good filter for the things that will eventually enter the body; both noise from others and the rampant background noise that is abound.  One thing to do is to see if what is presented jives how you feel deep down-if it does, go with it. There is a quote

“those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”

Essentially, you have to stand for yourself; life is not about what your friends or family think. With a good filter you can be around the craziness of others and not be affected, you can find quiet even in the bustling city.

Everything has a tax, sound included and the taxes are highest here within the city limits. (The term “city limits” is interesting because if you think about it, the city in fact does limit-it limits what you hear and what you don’t–i.e. the music of it all; from the cosmos-to-grass blade which still plays even if it is persistently drowned out).


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