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A Quiet Rant/Rave about the State of Affairs: Humanity…A Partial Treatment


I have been in the city now for about six weeks. I won’t talk about neighborhoods, train delays or even how people behave here. I don’t like cities, but I don’t know if I should say that. I am not opposed to many people living densely and sharing some ideas or experiences.  The way cities are designed and they way in which they function is sub-par.

In a city you can sample a plethora of dishes, see all the different neighborhoods and still not experience any life changing or even enhancing events.  This is why people get stuck in the city.

It is like their palate registers changes, but the body and mind do not.

One may taste China, but who really goes there?

In a big city, you have a million different flavors and tons of opportunities, but none are worth anything.  The greatest chances are met by self-work.

The world may have plans for you, but the worth while ones are come upon when you are able to meet them. Self-work doesn’t mean you become so zen that you wake up and do 100 pushups without any motivation.  Nor does it mean you never shed a tear and become a straight stick in the mud. It is just the dedication required to correct when you realized the problem is within.  The suckiness of any situation is mediated by how sucky you make it.  As Adiyogi conveyed, the source of misery is within.

Many times you are working towards a goal in your life. It is usually for the profit incentive of a company of work that has little to do with your life.  People work and then go home to their family life. If they still feel youthful or still have hormones, then there may be a weekend life.  So many lives, but none of them are about YOU.


Profit margins and behavior dictated by poor social conditions make up the majority of human activity today.  There are fragmented people popping up more and more because the only way the human ego can sustain itself in the way things are is to compartmentalize.  Go to a psychiatrist  and they will tell you to do this!  This may help you operate in a system of cogs within an output that doesn’t really help you.  When one’s work is for one’s self and not corporate giants, there isn’t a need to divide the person or self.  A farm is a great opportunity to get the fruits of your labor.

Another is yoga or inner-work.  When one sees that it is yourself and not the world that needs fixing, responsibility takes on a new definition.  Whatever you do must be for the best of you so that any contributions are positive.  People always want to contribute, but anyone with sense will realize that contributing to a bad system is a felony.

Environments must be created where one’s gifts and work go to use in a way that helps the Alive.

The road of experiences can be tough, but one thing you can do is to look at everything as an experience.  Say you get bitten by a snake or get a certain disease for a spell.  This only happens once, and even if these things happen more than once, they never happen in the same way.

I am not saying to be reckless and seek calamity, but if it already happens, why not ride it out with the awareness that a near disaster can often signify a shift in your life?

Americans are sick more times a year than ever before, so you will likely get sick again.  If you just watch it, it can be a tool for change. feel and experience the process.  But now people are trading in the living and breathing for a mental idea of what living good is all about.  I have never lived the good life, but it sure seems boring!

As long as people give up the potential of their being alive for convenience and habit, for a world of look pretty, talk pretty, and feel like shit, the American tragedy will continually be lived out.

Sadly enough, it is one of the only stories people know anymore.  If only the stories we tell ourselves about how events will go or about how people will have an exchange were a little more positive, more opportunities would be cashed out on.  Simply being alive is the greatest chance you get.  There is plenty of life in human number now, but little liveliness.  I know it is a little early for xmas wishes, but i just want people to be more alive.

People never want to say that the problem is within themselves.  It is this doctor messing up my meds or the neighbor and his dog. Without the responsibility of taking problems which affect others around you seriously and not joking them off, there will be no environment for arts or inner-work.  Maybe you can get by simply just shaking things off at a 9-5, but when you get home, you must continue to be a bummer of shift into a more caring mood.  You must be at a low all day or be a shape-shifter.  Ideally, people should be whole. This is how you are born, no?


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