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Vibrations, Noise and the Human Experience | Sustainable for a Future
Sustainable for a Future

Vibrations, Noise and the Human Experience


This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Vibrations--YOU

When everything is found to be vibrations of energy, the sounds surrounding you become important. What vibrations you put yourself around or what you utter gains a new importance.

In yogic lore, Shiva is said to be able to utter Aum three times and create a universe. This, like most stories, should not be taken as fact, but rather it should be considered that the sounds we as humans experience and the motion of the cosmos are both forms of vibration; this shouldn’t be underplayed.

On a mythical side of science (don’t be fooled into thinking that science doesn’t have its fair share) Copernicus is said to have heard the music of the spheres, or a mathematical precision and perfection meeting our everyday solid perception of the world. Mystics experience states where their whole existence, and the world around them, is only sound. But whether a yogi, scientist of gas station worker, all are connected by being or being affected by vibrations of energy.

Yet there is a tremendous power in silence, and not just the awkward kind. But it is only when there is quiet inside and out that anything deeper about you can be tapped into. It is only when some level of peace is established that the energy of stillness can be accessed. In the city, there is a constant noise base. Not only are there fumes, but also a constant barrage of auditory pollution.  Even in deep within parks there is a constant hum. In the home there is the TV running or your friend or neighbor’s mouth running or some music playing. All of these sounds are going in, but who or what is behind them? When I look around it is either big engines, many small engines or money incentives. I don’t put my trust in either to connect me to a greater experience of life. There is such as sound mass in large cities that it affects humans in non-direct ways as well.

Water has memory; it remembers words like love or hate or stupid. Why wouldn’t it remember or take note of all the rubbish frequencies being blown into it, whether in the pipes or in a glass? There is much unmeasured upset that is transferred to humans this way. Even if you’re not in a city, a modern household can be plenty loud with little occasion so it is very important to set aside quiet time wherever you are and with whomever you are.

Constant bombardment to any sense or mechanism will make it less sensitive or effective. If you see headlights while going down a country road, suddenly there are half the stars in the sky as the moment before. It is the same with the other senses or even inputs in electronics. You amp up the power more and more waste as heat occurs or you yell and the louder you get, the less people listen.  In an amped-up environment people are bound to be desensitized. Currently, the majority of society is numbed, and it is often by self action.  There are some factors that are simply out of one’s control, and sound pollution is one of them. This is an ailing and immeasurable foul to society but the harm of an abundance of chaotic rumbles is hardly ever notes.  If some one in a household requests the music off or the TV down, they are called a freak having a bad day. If a person goes down the street and notices the sidewalk shaking their feet, it is no longer just a relationship problem, it is a societal one. If you are one of these people, you should move to the forest!

See, everything goes in and takes affect. Some people have very good filters and the gibberish stays out. You may find stress-free goddesses in the noisiest and crowded of places but they are few. Even if you are a stone, the water wears. The shear density of mass of sound in a large city like NYC will swallow people up; make them more conducive to entertaining strict ways of being things and to being creatures of habit.  When you’re born into such noise, you don’t only inherit your dad’s bum knee or a breast cancer gene, you also get a ticket to an unconscious sound with great momentum.  It often prevents one from observing any other pitch, say a misty view of the moon or water rolling down the curb or whatever it is.  I want people to sometime experience sound without their ears. But it is so damn hard with a constant barrage always blaring away.

i was fortunate enough to be raised where quiet time was respected; I hope you find, make or embrace it.

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  1. On a commentary note: there are a few things in this article i would like to address

    1. noise pollution as a means of desensitizing people and making them into creatures of habit

    2. The idea of creating a universe by uttering certain sounds.

    Amos’ treatment of sound is poetic, anecdotal and compelling. It is his personal relationship with the world around him, as a highly sensitive instrument of information processing. There are a few things that i would like to add or clarify in regard to his work The following are notes of further inquiry into this idea of sound pollution as an attack on higher states of consciousness or the acquisition or creation thereof.

    It is interesting that no one seriously investigates the idea that the sounds around them affect one’s sensitivity to the world around them. People taking life at face value, might think it’s normal to behave in a certain manner i.e. performing the functions of daily life in methodical and almost robotic manners. It seems that the body is literally left to function at the utmost basic level as a result of having to filter out massive amounts of junk-noise.

    If it is true that everything is information, then it stands to reason that information cannot be processed properly, if, as Amos states, our sensory receptors are being overloaded. We won’t even touch upon the concept that All of our being is a receptor—that is that every cell in our body is an agent at receiving messages and that they too are overloaded by the influx of junk-information and/or noise.

    The idea then is that if the body must spend all of its energy just to decipher what information coming in is actually pertinent to its survival then perhaps, the self is crippled into a state of dismal simplicity in action and thought.

    On a similar thought, the idea that a universe can be created by sound seems concordant with this understanding of noise/information. The idea that the type of sound that is being emitted then creates a state of affairs seems logical. Though, admittedly, i am no scientist. I can see that essentially the flow of all things can be orchestrated by the sounds i.e. energetic situation at hand. Therefore, when there is an overloaded energetic situation, which one might term as “chaos” i.e. a state in which information is literally flooding into a place without any sense of order, information cannot be properly received. And to take that a step further, this might be the ONLY fundamental cause of cancer. After all, cancer is the disruption of the functions of DNA to put it simplistically. Our bodies are literally information processing machines and, redundantly, if information exceeds the processing capacity of the machine, what you have is meltdown—that is precisely what we see before us in our current state of affairs in the Modern world.

    The fact that the implications of vibrations of any kind have on All things, for our conversation, namely the cells in our body and that the cells in our body are packed mostly with water and that water can bear memory imprints based on environmental input is daunting in relation to the idea that there are myriad sounds around us at any given point and that they are formed by unnatural processes. Now that is a mouthful and a beautiful run-on sentence. But really, put that in your pipe and suck on that for a while. Is there empirical evidence behind water having memory? That is research you can do yourself.

    When one is deeply connected to one’s self they don’t need the data, all they need to do is remember back to a time when someone uttered the words “i love you” and think back to how that ran through your body and then think to another time when someone was using obscenities in your presence or, better yet, when someone you knew didn’t like you was in your presence and you got that “feeling.” That’s all that you need. It is real, what you feel IS real. Why do people feel good at the beach or in nature? Why are cities reportedly areas where people have “bad attitudes”? Again you don’t have to be a scientist to SEE-FEEL these things. Of course it would be great to be able to quantify, for argument’s sake but i’ll save that for more ego-driven minds.

    Overall, we need to remember that everything is meaningful, not in these woo woo sense of the term “meaningful” but rather just in the purely informational sense. The body treats everything as though it is meaningful. If files certain things away in “important folder” leaves other things for further inspection in the “inbox” (dream folder) and files a lot in the “spam” box.

  2. This is beautiful guys, thank you so much. When I first started walking towards health, one of the first things I did was turn off the radio in the 3 hours a day I spent driving to and from work. I started listening to the silence and of course the occasional horn blasts and construction noises on the outside. It is a habit I’m still doing today. If I’m in the vehicle, instead of just turning on the radio, I like to spend some time in complete silence. When I’m washing dishes or have a large project that will keep me in the kitchen for a long time, I really relish the silence and don’t cover it up by watching a movie or turning on the radio to fill the time. Time and space is full of so much already and to be observed. Isn’t that one of our greatest jobs here, the job of the observer. Thank you!

  3. Sound, vibration, and sensory input of all kinds is so important to our human connection/disconnection with Nature. Your article does a great job of pointing out this impact. I’m adding it to the link section on my Reconnect to Nature page ([www.wildozark.com]) and I’d like to list your author name in the byline but I don’t see it. Let me know and I’ll update the listing. For now it’s just credited to Sustainable for a Future.

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