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I held on to these two links thinking that i would really like to share them with the world. I was going to write about them, but i don’t really feel like it so instead i’ll just tell you why you should check them out and then i’ll move on with my life.

The first link is to this “rewilder” dude, Daniel Vitalis. He has a lot of really interesting views on human evolution and the evolution of consciousness.


This next link is just an interesting article on how sound affects the body. I’ve become increasingly interested in this and find that before i “knew” about this formally, that my body was on to it all along. The first time it really dawned on me was when i was in india in 2006; i was young and underdeveloped so to speak. We went to visit this temple and there were men reciting mantras (which i knew nothing about at all) but somehow i felt something, it’s hard to really explain it but it was like this overwhelming “something.”

When i was an undergrad or grad student (can’t remember), i went to a lecture on the physiological effects of music and they explained things from a academic standpoint. It is interesting that the two realms intersect.

Like i said, i went to india for the first time in 2006, i was still in college, and when we went to the music store, we found it hilarious that they had cds entitled “music for pancreatic cancer” or “music for constipation.” It was only years later that i realized, they are totally on to something, as it turns out, it’s always been the case, that certain frequencies can literally heal the body.



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