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Attack of the Killer…Mason Bees! (?)


Last season Daniel, Jayden and “i” built a beautiful cob oven. During the entire month of May i was living much like a hermit, rarely leaving the grounds and rarely entertaining guests (aside from my chicken friends).

Many of these days were spent peeling bark off logs that i was using as cord wood in the Fairy Dwelling. One day, as i entered the kitchen, i noticed little piles of something or other, mounded in various spots on the top of the oven. I honestly, don’t remember my exact thoughts but they were something along the lines of curiosity and vaguely thinking that there was just some sort of poop up there.

Another day passed, i’m sitting in the kitchen, in total silence when i start to notice activity by the oven; several bees going back and forth and generally swarming around it. I didn’t think anything of it at first, then it dawned on me! The poops weren’t poops! I got up and looked at the top of the oven and to my horror saw that several bees had bored their way into the top. I honestly didn’t know what to do, so logically, i thought that the best thing to do is shew them away (clearly that didn’t work). Then i thought i heard somewhere bees don’t like smoke, so i started lighting strips of newspaper on fire and throwing them in that general direction….not a hint of retreat.

Finally, in a panic, i thought, since this is an oven, i should build a fire in it. This proved to be almost 100% useless. The only thing i could do was stand guard and shew the bees away. I ended up imprisoned in my kitchen all day for 2 days. I tried everything, including capturing one bee, holding it hostage as a message to all the other bees. I figured since they are social creatures word might get  out that there’s a crazy bee catcher somewhere and they would retreat. NOPE.

Shamefully by the middle of the second day, i went a little berserk. I, out-of-characteredly decided to sacrifice one of the bees, i knew that they would know what had happened. I took my mini-broom and whacked one down. I immediately felt a sense of regret and a very strong wave of energy go through my body. It was awful, i knew i had committed a crime.

I had broken the alliance. In fact, the infraction was worse because bees are sacred, truly sacred beings. And i murdered one.

At this point, there were about three left who kept leaving and returning intermittently. The only thing i could think of was (sound the horns!) the Pink Blanket! Yes, the Pink Blanket.

Wait a minute. You don’t know of the Pink Blanket?

The Pink Blanket is what saved the entire domain of L’isola from premature demise back in the winter of 2013, when Daniel used it to haul the absurd amount of garbage, off to a small organized/contained area for later inspection. Pink Blanket hung on a few rusty nails, serving as a wall on the three walled shack that sat in the middle of L’isola. We conjectured it may have been a meth lab gone wrong. There was human debris everywhere.

After Pink Blanket did it’s job cleaning up the land, it was later used to move rocks around the perimeter of the first garden and used to keep the Meyer lemon tree warm in the winter and even used as a cushion of sorts during the laborious process of removing rocks from clay.

Pink Blanket, sigh, i draped it over the oven and watched as the bees were totally repulsed by the blankets assuredly gross synthetic fibers. Yes, pink blanket saved the day and the oven was restored to its original glory.

This year’s garden woes might have been a  result of the breach in the alliance. We hope that next years garden will have forgiven me since i will’ve had a year of penance including 5 months of hard time in the city. EEK!


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