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GMO Shennanigans and Other Corporate Bullying | Sustainable for a Future
Sustainable for a Future

GMO Shennanigans and Other Corporate Bullying


One of the major problems with permaculture is perhaps (I’ll try to coin the term) “fair-weather-culture” meaning, farming with your sights set in the short term or immediate benefit.

Oftentimes, growers, are inundated with the false pretense, being propagated by society at large, that they need to “get somewhere.” Progress has become a word that has been maimed by mother culture, and has come to suggest that it is simply a means by which less work can be done for more profit/gain. This type of thinking leads seemingly sane, rational and daresay, intelligent people to do things that are wholly unethical and unsavory. Using heavy machinery to “get the job done,” pesticides to “maintain” their monoculture crops and worst of all, GMOs to ensure  that the world doesn’t starve…

Corporate America has got so many people under their thumb simply by widespread use of propaganda, scare tactics and sometimes by brute force. The fact is that in our world today, law making is dictated by the $ and somehow, small organic/permaculture DIY homesteaders are now labeled as rebellious radicals who threaten the security of the nation. Mon Santo literally has patents on LIFE! And will sue any and every poor farmer whose land if found with as little as one plant containing their patent seed without having paid into a contract (even if it was pooped their by a bird!).

Can you imagine that the same people who are literally living their lives in utter austerity and spirituality, people who painstakingly go through life making sure that they bring justice to ALL beings are being depicted as threats to society?

It is truly unconscionable. The facts are plain, those who do not contribute to the smoothness of the cog in wheel agenda of corporate greed and destruction are demonized.

It seems the “opt out” route is not up for debate. You either play the game or are destroyed.

There are a number of ways that this destruction takes place, from criminalizing products such as raw cows milk, making insane FDA qualifications for herbal medicine products, creating laws against collecting rain water and so many other absurdities. Aberrations against nature.

As concerned, well-informed and mindful citizens, we need to maintain an air of total control over what we can control, and that is, where we put our money and energy. Believe it or not you still have the power! By purchasing products that contain certain chemicals or GMOs you are literally endorsing the corporate agenda. Also, by working a job that is not directly contributing to your spiritual growth or positive  mental health you are doing a disservice to yourself. Your life is precious, by growing your own food or supporting systems where small scale operations run by REAL people, you are ensuring that your energy is not being used to help push the massive boulder of modern corporate agenda. Each one of us is like a small but powerful gear in a giant mechanism, if enough of the gears decide to stop moving, the mechanism cannot move. We can only rely on this.

If you feel ill or feel like the world isn’t the way you would like to see it, yet you continue to put your energy into facilitating it’s movement, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE.

If you are familiar with any of my articles you can read about how i have great respect of the insect realm. We can learn a lot from those small, yet powerful beings. Ants, namely, work together–small seemingly insignificant creatures, can build huge structures, move large particles and even destroy trees, homes etc. If we look to nature, the answers are there. Follow their lead, come together and move mountains.

Two fail-proof solutions:          1. stop buying products that contribute to your own enslavement

2. stop putting your energy into things that only make the system more streamline

That is all you have to do.



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