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Knowing Something without Knowing Why: All Knowledge is within YOU, YOU Just Have to Allow Yourself to Access it


A lot of the practices i have adopted in my life have come about, at least in my view, as completely spontaneous and seemingly organic. One of such practices has been letting water sit for a period of time after i fill a bottle out of the tap. Another is giving thanks to existence/the great divine for letting me just be here. And the last one, for this discussion is, going to the ocean on a regular basis. The “ritual bathing” as i have named it.


The ritual bathing started a few years ago, a response to me changing my life and proactively seeking mental health. I don’t know exactly what led me to the water but I thought it was good for me. Once or twice a week i would immerse myself in the ocean no matter what the temperature outside. This practice does something that words cannot describe. It turns off the mind, turns on the mind, tells you “you are nothing but an animal” and makes you laugh, makes you scream, makes you laugh so more.


Tonight i just watched this amazing documentary on the memory of water. Nothing in it truly shocked me, except for the fact that the information in it was of no news to me. Intuitively is resided with in me. Still, it is moving, truly moving to hear the concepts that came from the depths of my being, being relayed to me with a scientific rigor.


Yesterday i was practicing yoga in the morning, totally distracted by a situation that was happening (within myself). I was determined to remove myself from the negative loop that my mind was circling in. I went to the beach and slowly over the course of a half hour or forty-five minutes, I sank into the water. The process cannot be described. As i was standing there i was thinking about the circumstances to which i a great deal to “strangers.” Throughout the years, it has been strangers who have given me a restorative outlook on humanity. Strangers have welcomed me into their homes and hearts and likewise, i have welcomed strangers into mine. The phrase “strangers are friends you haven’t yet met” bubbled to the surface of my mind and honestly, moments later, a man called to me from the shore. He ultimately joined me in the water and the spirit of the thought came to life as a new friend hatched from the void.


If we just take the time to contemplate the spirit of things, allow things to arise without suppression and heed to the All, the answers flow freely and present themselves without hesitation. Love and peace cannot not arise. I write this to express to whoever might read this that finding peace and love is possible. It is not some far removed hippy concept. I know first hand how difficult it is to eschew negative energy which pours in from all directions. If you can find an hour and a half of your life to devote to watching this documentary and you have the desire, the true desire to live in a better place. Take the time, watch the film and practice, every day, some small devotion to YOURSELF.


Don’t make excuses, thank yourself. All of the molecules of water within you will dance and that dance will make you radiant and all things will respond to that radiance.



  1. Aww, that’s nice

  2. How is it going Jamue ?
    Well written will watch the documentary.

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