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The Fairy Hole

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This past L’isola farm has developed in so many ways. One of the crowning achievements has been the addition of the fairy hole!

This project was a lot of fun and everyone was able to get their hands in it. We had  over 10 volunteers at various points in time throughout the construction.

Big shout out goes to Daniel and Chris for helping with the foundation and roof structure. John for engineering the door and window installation. Jayden a big thanks goes out to you for transporting various materials! (At any random day you can hear me saying “Thank you Jayden” no one else knows what i’m talking about but me, it’s usually in reference to a random thing that you brought that has become invaluably useful).  Thank you Kurt and Chris for helping put up the walls and dig clay! Thank you Ozarks Alliance Tribe for the work party! And continued support during emotionally trying times.Thank you Amos for being my moral pillar as well as master detail worker/plasterer.

Thank you grace for your materials donation notably the Kenaf (which will be a whole ‘nother article)

Thank you Pollination Project for the grant!

Thank you Jenn Jenn for the decorative accents! Can’t wait until you see them.

Stay tuned for details on building with cob and info on the mystery substance “kenaf”


One Comment

  1. Oooooo how I love your Fairy hole. It’s the cutest house I’ve ever seen and I”m so proud to be part of it.

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