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Cob Building Project May/June 2014 Come be A part of the FUN!

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To ALL my readers (all 3 of you ha!)

L’isola invites you to join our first serious Cob Building (mud

dancing) Project:

During the months of May and June 2014 we will be building a small experimental housing structure on the land. We will be using mostly salvaged materials and earth! It will be LOADS of fun (that’s supposed to be a pun).

Who we need:

                               People who aren’t afraid of getting dirty

                                Creative folks

                                People who want to learn the art of cobbing

                                Anyone who is interested

If you want to join during the preliminary planning phases that would be awesome too! We’ll be discussing the building during our weekly Sunday meetings.

If you have skills, ideas or resources you want to share please join!

For more info contact “jamie” ji.


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  1. Sign me up!

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