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A Minimalist in a Consumer World: Trying to Live without Stealing a “Living” from Others

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Lately, it seems like everyone has ideas for how i should “conduct business” at L’isola. Some say i should sell this or market to that particular audience, what have you.

I am overwhelmed.

I was never comfortable with the idea of marketing or selling things because, quite honestly, it seems like a duplicitous process no matter how you word it or from what angle you approach it.

In consumer society, people are willing to say or do anything to sell their products. And their products oftentimes, pollute the planet, in production, post consumer waste and transportation. The entire production process is wasteful. Then there are other more “honorable” ways of earning a living, yoga, wellness retreats…these are all things i wish to offer BUT in order to get people to be interested in what you have to offer, you have to dress it up and essentially lure them in with bells and whistles.

It is overwhelming.

When money and services are being transferred often the person who has the money is in a position of power over the person or entity providing the service whether or not we are willing to admit it; this can be stressful and also just a small scale version of the power games that the power-elite play on a world scale daily.

Even serving people coffee and muffins display this type of relationship where, if the server were simply themselves, i.e. maybe not so cheery or smiley or chatty or willing to commiserate with your trite first world problems, then the result would be, most likely “no tip for you”…people tip in most cases because they find some reason to pity their server or because the server did a particularly good job placating them.  Of course some people tip because they “been there” (as in they have once or still do work that job) but essentially that is also a form of pity. Not to say there is anything wrong with having empathy, that’s not really the point. The point is, what if people were more themselves, less ass-kissy, then what?

Industry and business is all about cloak and dagger…smoke and mirrors…bells and whistles….

Even the most seemingly innocent. I look at even advertising for healthy stuff: cereals, bars, raw food stuff, super foods, in some way it is all gimmick. People want to hear trigger words, want to feel catered to.

So if i don’t want to play this game, what does that do for me? What if i only want to offer yoga and meditation without the hoopla. What if i want to grow organic non-gmo food without the emphatic gesturing. What if i wanted to exist and co-exist and be part of the circle of sharing a small portion of the money that flows through the system, just so i can put gas in my car for a once a week drive into town?

My only life preserver i hope, is the genuine nature of my desire to eliminate the bullshit. Is the world ready for the unmasked participant?

Finally, ask yourself, am i able to handle the raw world? Without the cushions, without coddles, without the ego pumping gases of the self-perpetuating lie of Social.


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  1. It’s all in how you’re wiling to live. The more food you grow without input from outside, the more you build from resources on the land with tools that don’t require outside maintenance or fuel then the more separate you can be from society. I saw an interesting documentary about people living simply in Siberia, called The Happy People I think. Just be prepared to realize how little you know, they’ve been passing down techniques that work through the generations but even then have chosen to use a bit of modern tools like chainsaws and a couple snowmobiles. Without all that knowledge it takes much longer to do the same things. Saw a book about which crops have a better return on your investment, those would help you separate. Think the three sisters were a big part of that and with all those raccoons on the land being drawn to the corn planting it that way would help you keep your crop. It’s probably gonna be a while before you can live how you’d like but you’ve got a helluva will and you’ll get there if you want and I’d like to meet that “Jamie”. She’s a badass :)

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