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Say Hooray for Art!


I was just thinking of how i wanted others to pay more attention to local art. I put a section on the top of the home page so that people can check out some really talented people that i know. I think it’s important to reiterate how important the arts are in terms of building a world that fosters and encourages critical thinking and aesthetic value. Nature is beautiful and we are parts of nature yet somehow the link between those two things can be extremely distanced by greed and industrialization or laziness or lethargy or whathaveyou.

There is definitely something special about finding the beauty in all things, including: ugly things….However, here’s to celebrating “intentional beauty” : []

Feel free to add anything to the art page by contacting “jamie” ji directly.

Lastly, I did want to remind readers that once L’isola has the capabilities we will be hosting artists to who need a safe space to work on their art for 6months to a year. If you are someone who wants to help make artist’s internships available please contact “jamie” ji.



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