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This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series Insect Alliance

Along my path to recognizing the alliance i have met, observed and analyzed a fairly wide spread of insects. It is amazing how each one has it’s own personality and characteristics.

I notice that dragon flies and fireflies belong to, what i would term as, “the fairy realm.” In other words they are much more than insects…they have magic. I will allow you to think what you want about that last statement. Some people will never understand what it means to be part of the fairy realm or to be magical. Dragon flies perch on stalks of dried bamboo that are woven in-between the holes in the garden fence and they seem to be keeping guard over their territory. When you look at them you can see that there is rhyme and reason within them.

Fireflies are just fantastic. I am not sure of what they do or what they eat or where they go in the day time, so as far as i’m concerned they are the equivalent of high lords or ascended masters or something to that affect–able to blip in and out of reality.

Additionally, there was certainly an order of bugs that lived in the kitchen this summer. Some of them we weren’t sure what they were so we named them: murder bee and hover bee the others were houseflies and an inch worm (just one who showed up every day for weeks). Hover bee would show up and just sorta float in space inches away from your face then take off! poof! and/or pretty much just exist with us while we cooked or hung out. Murder bee, despite the name, was certainly an ally, he killed flies and drastically reduced the fly population in the kitchen. It was as though an entire mini-ecosystem was developing in that kitchen, between those guys and a few frogs and the pack rat…

Green wing bug or healing fairy was discovered a few years ago while i was visiting Governor’s Island. I was very ill and could hardly stand up, i managed to find a patch of grass and throw myself down. After some time of rolling around in intense pain a small sweet looking bug landed on me. It’s wings were a green iridescent color and i am not sure i ever seen this bug before or after this incident. In any event, i sat and watched it for a long long time, it just sat on me and wouldn’t move. I felt like it came to me because it knew i was in pain and then it worked some sort of magic over me and healed me because after some time passed i realized the pain was completely gone and i was better!

Dark fairy/giant fly (better known as horse fly) showed up around late August. I never experienced this creature and when he showed up and bit Kevin in the garden and drew blood, it raised the question, is there a Dark Fairy Realm?




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