Sustainable for a Future

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Beans that Cost Lives!


Sustainability and consumerism/corporate greed–the two are at opposite ends of the spectrum. There is really no way to level off the rupture between over-consumption–which is the fodder for the ever hungry machine–and the fact that the earth does not regenerate that the same rate that we are taught to consume at. We are taught to constantly take in more–more goods packaged in plastic, food grown in polluted soil that has been leeched of all of its nutrients due to monoculture growing techniques and the invented demands of more more more–more devices to replace the ones we bought 6 months ago, more clothing, more meaningless entertainment. This is not sustainable.

I’ve been thinking about the L’isola project and what is essentially trying to be  accomplished by it and I realize that it is a direct response to a widespread lack of compassion that has proliferated through the social mechanism. Through many corporate practices the well-being of animals, the environment and people have been completely thwarted in order to make short term gains. It is not my aim to ennumerate on these at this particular moment however this is a sort of preface to the video i am posting with this article.

Somewhere it seems that people have forgotten how to easily access the side of themselves that feels that all humans are part of a great brotherhood and that this brotherhood is far superior to any endevors for money or personal gain. The results of this forgetting are devistating.

This trailer is for a documentary being made/or made (not 100% sure) by an acquaintance of mine. I found it truly disturbing and thought i would share it with others so that they may remain informed to some of the uglier side-effects of capitalism.



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