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Interconnectedness and the Great Alliance

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This entry is part 2 of 7 in the series Insect Alliance

I did say that the original story connects to insects and the human ego, and i think i might now be ready to tie it together.

It is sometimes hard to talk about the ego in a positive light. In fact, i do really believe that the ego is a force that needs taming. Without it i’m not sure how we would operate as humans.

Oftentimes, the duality–the “i” “you” dichotomy–leads to a sense of constant battle; constant grief. It is the thing that leads one to believe that they are a force above all others. And yes, this relates to pests and insects.

People always put their own interests first. This is understandable because they are the perceived center of their own reality. Sometimes though, they are so caught up in the momentary benefit that they forget about the larger picture. I understand that both rodents and insects can be a devastating factor when you’re trying to grow and preserve food. They can easily destroy every last bit of hard work that YOU put into your garden or farm. For this reason, people feel personally attacked, that THEIR hard work and efforts were all for naught. In this situation it is easy to forget the circle of life. Oh and the little fact, we do not have any more right to live than any other creature that walks the earth.

Modern farming practices of monoculture and chemical proliferation remind me of the snake eating itself…When you grow TONS of crops–the same crop–in an area you will inevitably have to spray chemicals to keep pests down because you’ve created a feasting ground for the patented pest that love to feast on that particular crop. And moreover, there is no way can anyone monitor their crops on such a wide scale.

By no means do i think i have found the answer however, i did notice something interesting in my garden and wanted to share it with the world. Most people will say i’m ridiculous for thinking this but i will throw it out there anyway.

The Bug Alliance

Some time ago i realized that when a mosquito lands on you, if you let them feed, fully, that they don’t leave a mark on you. This might sound absurd to many people, however, i have tested it and although the bite might itch for a moment or two, i have noticed that overall, the mosquito bites that i have gotten after i made peace with letting the mosquitoes feed, have been on the while i would say 90% more tolerable than when i would shoo them away or kill them mid-bite. I have been practicing this for maybe two years now and this August was certainly the test of will. The mosquitoes were relentless and living outdoors, you are meat for the wolves so to speak. On average probably about 20 mosquitoes would feast per day. If you think about that, it would mean that i should have been covered, literally covered, in huge red welts. I had NONE. Not one. I am not above believing that there is a rational explanation for this phenomena, i just don’t know what it would be. I even asked someone else to examine my arms and legs to see if they could find any signs of bites and they couldn’t find any.

More on the bug alliance coming soon!


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  1. I can confirm that she didn’t have welts. It worked for me when I tried it in VT but I couldn’t withhold the freakout when 15 or so were landing on me at once. I guess that since they were gonna be there freakout or no it’d have been better to not add emotional fuel to the fire. Oh well

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