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Spring/Summer of 2013 in Summary

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This concludes the first season at L’isola. We have done so many great things and it has been a real adventure living off the land and starting from negative nothing (i.e. the trash heap that was left from the previous land owners).

Firstly, a great thanks must go out to each and every one of the people who have rolled through L’isola. You have all put in your individual flavor and creativity to the benefit of the entire community. I would like to take the time to personally list off the amazing people who have made it and endured this past season. Ben Carver, Daniel (Maniel), Devin B., Monty, Jayden,  Josh, Kevin, Shelley and John. Also, great thanks goes to David and Pat my two amazing neighbors to whom I owe…practically my life!  They have done so much to help the development of the farm and largely helped us get acclimated to life in the Ozarks. We could never have made it without David and Pat’s advice on anything from poison ivy to scorpion stings. I would also like to say that the majority of the inhabitants of L’isola have stayed for an extended period of time which is appreciated more than words.

When we arrived on the land there was literally upwards of 2000lbs of garbage scattered everywhere. Ben and I were the first arrivals and it was March and we were cold and dismayed by the task that lay before us. Thankfully help soon arrived. Daniel joined us shortly after we arrived and stayed at L’isola until August. The three of us worked hard to set the stage for future volunteers and by May we were ready to host the next wave of volunteers.

We managed to not only clear off 1100lbs of trash, and relocate the remainder of it but we also build several structures including a beautiful deck atop which sat the yurt, a lean-to kitchen which will now be transformed into a “jamie” hobbit hole once our new kitchen (which is in the works) is complete. We also build a yoga platform with an A-frame roof covered temporarily by a tarp, a huge fenced in garden, a small watermelon patch, a potato patch, 2 hugel begs, an outdoor shower, an outdoor “living room” and a cob storage house.

There were days when it was so cold none of us had the strength in our hands to even light a fire and there were days that were hot and long and lazy. The first season culminated in a true understanding of the vision that we had all been working together to achieve and with the help of all of these beautiful spirits we indeed created a huge first step toward building this community.

I have no doubt that i will be re-visited by many of the people who started this project in motion. And that is the main point, i am looking to create a family and a home for those who need a place to be themselves. In fact, all of the people who rolled through, albeit they were all unique and individual, were tied together by the single thread of “other-ness” in that they felt there was something more to life and they set out to search it and discover and be in motion. They were all truly brave souls that took a leap of faith and decided to join in on something completely different than the average life presented by mainstream society.

Overall, I put out the intention that one day we will have a loose network of comers and goers who all converge at some point at L’isola to put in the effort to provide the space for others and themselves. L’isola is a place where you can safely “not fit the mold.”

I am happy to say that we set a few goals to accomplish this season and that we greatly exceeded them. This is a true testament to the power of creation and intention.

My love and appreciation, admiration and truly humbled self to all who have made this possible both in body and spirit.

I love you all.




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  1. Aww, that’s sweet “Jamie”. In return, gotta give up for as the vision holder. Without you none of this would have happened and though it’s just a seedling at the moment there would be one less place on this Earth for us. Much love and I’ll see you next season

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