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Building with Cob


This summer we decided to do an experiment with cob so we built a small storage area for our grains and beans.

We first put down a foundation of large flat rocks. Then we cemented over the floor so that there is a smooth-ish flat surface (we built the perimeter a little higher so that it would keep the cob structure off the ground so that it wouldn’t get water damage).


We then built a rough frame, although this was probably unnecessary. We used all scrap lumber and scrap nails and the sheet metal for the roof is also scrap material from the garbage that was left on the land by the previous owner.

Then cob by cob me and a team of awesome people built the walls.




We let the cob dry for a while, maybe a few weeks, before we cemented the outside.

And this is the finished product: DSC_0788

There are definitely a few things we should and could have done differently, but this was definitely a learning experience.


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