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The objective reality… | Sustainable for a Future
Sustainable for a Future

The objective reality…



i’ve been contemplating more and more the idea of right vs. wrong and i think i’ve come to the conclusion that there really is a fundamentally right way.

many people, most people will argue against that notion, and even if they don’t argue full throttle against it, they’ll say that right and wrong is subjective. which might be correct on some broader level but there seems like there is a base level of rightness. and most people don’t know what that is.

it might seem egotistical to say you know what the base level of rightness is and maybe that’s not quite what i’m saying here, what i’m trying to articulate is…there is definitely something wrong.

i can’t imagine that anyone would believe for a second that producing and using products that cause cancer, pollution and death is the RIGHT way.

i use this for my fundamental base of what is wrong. wrong to me is not caring about being part of a mechanism that hurts people…knowingly and willingly all for the sake of greed and gain.

i feel like what i’m saying isn’t and shouldn’t be labeled as an “opinion” because, let’s face it, where is the benefit of using these methods?

i feel like a butt heads with a lot of people based on my “ideology” and “methodology” i.e. being staunchly against certain methods and certain streams of being and thought.

people take this as a blow to their character and personal way. but, what hurts me, is that i see that these things that they attribute to themselves are not really theirs in the first place, in fact they were programed or inserted into these people as a means to get consent from them. to me it is so sad that people don’t realize this.

i know that it is difficult to really LOOK at the way you are and analyze it in such a way that you must become self-critical and perhaps admit that you’ve done things wrong and you’ve hurt others. i have and am constantly going through this process, so i know how it is.

what i’m definitely NOT saying is that people who are complicit in these deeds are bad people. not the ones who think they’re just simply living their life, they are not bad. but i will say that their behaviors and preferences are ill advised and simply ignorant. again i use the word ignorant without negative connotations, i use it only to mean, literally unknowing, with a tinge of irresponsible.

what bothers me, probably the only thing that bothers me about the people who don’t know better is, that they literally won’t let anyone else KNOW better… more than a few times i have been colored as militant and borderline psychotic for simply pointing out the wrongs of society and the individuals within it.

it seems as though, the punishment for knowing better is…being treated like a fucking disease….people are so repelled by being exposed that they automatically label you as a wrong doer and….falsely accuse you of having a “different opinion”.

i believe it is this idea of “opinion” that has gotten people in trouble…and off the hook and is a scape goat for anyone who doesn’t want to hear that they are wrong.

the unfortunate fact is that there is a wrong. and wrong is not taking responsibility for one’s own actions. partaking in activities directly related to cancer, brain damage, autism, deformity and death… that is wrong. that is beyond opinion. there is no way that we can look at the outright damage that is being done and somehow flip it to believe that there is somehow a valid reason for all of the rampant waste and excessive use of harmful chemicals.

it’s not that i’m saying things must never be used. i the cases where things are needed that is when they should be used…sparingly…not to just simply keep the wheels of a corrupt system turning…that is not a proper reason.

it really hurts me that this can somehow be construed any other way.

the seemingly innocent actions of people just “living their lives” is KILLING others, ourselves, plants, animals and this planet as a whole.

everyone is complicit.

it is a shame that when i say this, i am made to look like a fool. a nazi. an egoist.

i am not saying it for myself. nor for myself to be right. i wish that i wasn’t right. or i wish that everyone was as right as me… but being the lone voice that cries out against all of the suffering and damage being done….it is extremely difficult.

i wish that it wasn’t me who had to do this job. i don’t like being right about this stuff. i don’t like being able to see what i see. i don’t like being able to draw conclusions that others cannot. i don’t like not being understood. i don’t like seeming like i rant and rave. i don’t like hurting others by telling them the truth. and i don’t like being hurt by others after i tell them the truth and then they come back at me and tell me it’s just my opinion.

it is not my opinion. it is a fact that all of the chemicals we welcome into our lives, via beauty products, cleaning products, cooking and food products, are KILLING us. they are wrong. and they are not meant for continual and wasteful use. that is not an opinion. that is a fact.

it is not an opinion when i say that all the things that you see, all of the ads, the news, etc. are all just mechanisms used to keep you buying and using chemicals. keep you distracted from knowing that you’re killing others and yourselves….that is not an o




  1. Hey..people do know a basic right/wrong…there’s no argument over Global Warming for instance… if there’s a possibility of causing harm ..don’t do it !
    The dominant world society pattern, with power and money as Demi-Gods has shaped the fate destined material world that consumes us. But encompassing
    a paradym shift cannot be accomplished instantaneously; however, catastrophic events may cause situations that cannot be accomodated by our societies. Psychlogical factors play into people’s reactions. Percieving alternative conversations as threatening often results in people’s denials or hostilities. A model by which to initiate inevitable change must be developed. One who encompasses the hope of Humanity ! Let’s do it!

  2. some people say that global warming isn’t real. i think e people really don’t know that some of the things that they are doing are truly “wrong” as in, out of line with nature….

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