Sustainable for a Future

Community Building and Building Community


This weekend Ben and I attended OACC (Ozark Area Community Congress) which is essentially a gathering of like-minded people who have been working to create alternative communities and networks for decades. I encourage anyone who visits the Ozarks area to get involved by joining the next annual OACC next fall.

Ben and I felt super lucky having serendipitously invited to the event by Karla Bean a lovely Ozarks Area resident who we met randomly at a park in West Plains.

It is refreshing to know that there are so many people working on environmental projects, spreading peace and love and living sustainably in the area that L’isola will be located. We are looking forward to working with the people we met to broaden our knowledge and strengthen the network of alternative living in general.  There are so many benefits to living in tandem with the earth and her callings as opposed to working against it by supporting practices that degrade our environment.

One of the people at the gathering spoke about sending out a signal for a second wave of people to come in the “back to the land movement” and strangely “i” feel like “i” heard that call and that is why L’isola is seemingly randomly located in the Ozarks. It didn’t seem like much of a choice but rather the universe lining up in such a way that it had to happen.

It is going to be exciting to work with the larger community to spread the consciousness of sustainability and inter-connectedness.


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