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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn


Recently, I went around town sampling trees…i.e. taking clippings from various fruit trees.

I managed to acquire peach, apple, grape, nectarine, pear and cherry in addition to fig which I already have growing in my yard. I was looking at them today and thinking perhaps I’ll write a post about them since in truth they are an experiment. I have never tried to grow a tree from cuttings and although I looked up ways of doing this on the internet, putting it in practice is a little more daunting than they suggest on these sites. This is especially true since I decided against using rooting hormone which, I assume, you can’t find in nature and wasn’t used over the few thousand years that people have been growing trees.

So far, I have had them a little over a week. I keep them in clean water. Many of the leaves have fallen off but the stems are still “green” which means to me they are alive. What I also notice is that the only one that looks like something is started to grow from the stem is the fig branch which happens to be the smallest and had no leaves after a few days.

I’ll update on this as they progress or not progress as the case may be.


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