Sustainable for a Future

Making it on your own


Part of the perma-culture, organic, sustainable movement is all about small operations; doing things on a non-industrial scale. That is one of the purposes of starting L’isola.

We want to create all of our own goods so that, at the least level we can preserve our little area of the earth. On a grander scale we hope to inspire others to DIY….one of those big time “punk” ideologies that only refers to skillfully sewing on patched to your designer-meant-to-look-trashy clothes with dental floss. On the spiritual/personal level, you’ll be able to gain a deeper appreciation for certain things knowing that you can’t just mechanically buy a new one at the store.

Learning that things take TIME. Plants have to grow, animals need to be born, materials need to be mined from the earth….People don’t realize this as they wastefully squander their goods.

The reason why I tie this in with spirituality is because a big aspect of meditation is literally slowing down the thought process. So that your mind isn’t flooded with a hundred ideas every few minutes, but rather that it remains focused on a single task, idea, whathaveyou, for an extended amount of time. The practice is beneficial as it calls awareness into our daily actions. Just as being connected to the process by which you consume, binds you to your daily life in a much more awake and aware manner. In a small scale living situation you can’t just dump a jar of hot sauce on one sandwich because then you’d have to wait up to a year for a new one.

Permaculture/sustainability really is an awakening. This is why it is so important that L’isola is created. We want to see people succeed, to elevate their awareness and to work together to help others do the same.


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