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Yogendra Mishraji


Today I met with Yogendra Mishraji, an amazing guru from India. He has been travelling in the west for a few weeks after having been invited to several locations by former students and followers.

I mention him because in our conversation he revealed to me his desire to help people of the United States in several different ways. Unbelievably our goals and aspirations link up perfectly and I was very excited to hear this brilliant man from India speak about the needs of the society here in the US.

I had thought long and hard about where I wanted to eventually end up and continue my spiritual practice. So many times I dreamed about running off to this or that country. In the end, after touring the South West I saw there is a great need in this country of not only a spiritual awakening, but of something even more basic: a safe haven.

The truth is, there’s a lot of non-acceptance here; a lot of competition and individualism bordering on solipsism. There is a sense of me-me-me-ness, that creates alienation and destroys the idea of community and Humanity (as a brotherhood). This is a huge problem in terms of spiritual growth and consciousness.

Of course one might argue, “whats the need for spiritual grown or consciousness anyway?”

The fact is the lack of focus on this area has created a situation in which  the problems resulting from this are prolific, yet perhaps slightly elusive. One of the main issues is discontent. The consumer ideology is based on not settling on one thing but always moving “ahead” to the next best thing. The problem with this is that the movement comes at a mental and physical cost (which I will not get into at the moment). My main point is that people aren’t happy, and they don’t realize why. They’re unhappy and the resort to all sorts of tactics to try to fill a vacancy that they’re not even sure of the nature of.

That is the purpose of L’isola, to restore the purpose, meaning and joy of living. Living simply, not worrying about money or clothing or tactile items. But rather nurturing the body, mind and soul through restorative practices.

I hope to be able to work with Mishraji because I believe his vigor and enthusiasm for helping others and expanding consciousness is exactly in line with my ideals and wishes. It is nice to see that I’m not alone in this sort of endeavor. 

Stay tuned for more info on the nature of consciousness, spirituality and the projects that spring from the two.


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