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Boris Bickell’s Brooklyn Pickles


Local Brooklyn Farmer/Pickler

I wanted to learn how to pickle since I figured I would need to know the skill in order to preserve foods for the winter on our farm. So I went to my old friend Boris, who in addition to making his own pickles, is an expert yogurt maker, jam maker, and wood-worker. Boris has been growing fruits and vegetable on his Brooklyn Balcony for 6 years. This year he has grown around 30 bountiful pepper plants this year which we used to make these amazing pickled peppers.


These peppers are unusually delicious, I think because the amount of love that is poured into them from seed to jar. Boris starts all of his seeds indoors around the end of March. He carefully and methodically transplants the seedlings to his outdoor area once the weather is nice enough. If you saw the care that goes into each plant you would understand why they have such a high yield in such close quarters on a balcony in Brooklyn!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of harvesting 4 bowls full of peppers that made about 13 jars of pickle!

The harvest isn’t where the love ends, I helped poke holes into the small peppers and tomatoes to ensure the brine permeates each vegetable, we carefully cut up all the larger peppers along with onions and Boris’ other yummy secrets which makes his pickles superior to store bought or mass produced products.

After a well worth the wait 6 weeks these pickles are going to be ready to put on sandwiches, in pasta and even eaten straight from the jar.

Boris will one day have his own pickle operation which I’m trying to get him to call BKB (Brooklyn Boris’ Bickles). For some reason I hope that we can rename pickles for the sake of Boris’ craft.  Once the farm is set up and Boris is ready, we will be growing pickles of him so that he can expand his inventory and we can be part of a pickle legacy!  I hope you can sample his goods!

If you're interested in pickles
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