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A Note to the Supporters of Occupy Wall St.

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This was a response to a lady who got crazy with me when I set up my little table of information dealing with the farm. She said “you with Occupy?”

I said, “ummm not really…”

She said in return, to paraphrase, that I had no right to be there and that I didn’t know what I was talking about. So I wrote this as a way to show people this project is 100% connected to Occupy. We’re just not fighting in the streets, we’re offering solutions.

Why is this Self-Sustainable Farm Initiative (SSF) Connected with OCCUPY?

The SSF is connected with occupy in more ways than you might imagine. Firstly, occupy is a movement that is meant to, essentially, work to help redistribute the wealth of the top 1% to the 99% of the PEOPLE. Therefore, by creating a community that does NOT support the practices of the 1% we are weakening their system and creating a PARALLEL SYSTEM in which fairness, equality and well-being are the 1st priorities. We are interested in proactively moving forward and creating a solution to the problem at hand. Essentially, by fighting against corporations and the 1% but buying products manufactured and distributed by said corporations, many people are supporting these entities by proxy. Thus, fighting in the streets but buying a coca-cola or shopping in a supermarket (even Whole Foods) is feeding into the corporate machine.  We are proposing one fully functional solution. We are not looking to move the mountain; we are only looking to become models for others who want tangible results. As other people catch on to this parallel system, eventually the momentum will be enough to incur change. We wish to peacefully end some of the problems caused by our current system i.e. pollution, depletion of natural resources and dehumanization of labor. We know we can’t eliminate these problems 100%, but we can start walking in that direction.

We believe more WALK and less TALK. Let’s move!

Why donate?

Because, we are honestly trying to make a difference NOW, not in 50 years after working a soul-sucking job and FINALLY being able to afford to buy some land.

We love. We appreciate. We support. We are honest. We wish the best.


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  1. Very nice write-up. I absolutely love this site. Thanks!

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