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“Whole Foods”


I figured the idea of “whole foods” should have a separate post of it’s own.

Whole foods is not a supermarket with overly priced corporate food for corporate yuppies. Whole foods are foods that you can identify i.e. foods that are not processed e.g. beans, rice, fruit, vegetables, eggs. These are things that you can purchase in their basic state and transform into meals and snacks.

By working with whole foods, while you can ensure the toxicity level of the food, you can ensure that nothing “extra” is added in the name of processing and prolonging shelf life.

For example: If you try to buy granola bars (even the fancy ones) you’ll find there’s at least 2 ingredients that you would never add in if you were making them yourself. Things that while seemingly harmless, in large quantities, can be extremely dangerous and ultimately carcinogenic.

We need to realize that the less hands our food has passed through, the better it is.

In our fast paced lives we have forgotten what it is like to transform raw goods into finish products for ourselves. There is not only an emotional satisfaction from doing so, there is also the very practical  necessity of knowing what is in your food.



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