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Growing Your Own Spirit


It’s hard for me to explain why it’s so important to grow your own food. There are so man pitfalls to  Big AG  it’s hard to figure out where to start. And of course, even when I do begin, understanding the direness of the situation requires some deeper knowledge of biochemistry and spirituality.

Everyone has heard of the cliche “you are what you eat.”

But almost no one will agree that the food you eat affects your personality, your mood, your spirit…

Whatever your personal views are in terms of spirituality we can all agree that eating something in which the best isn’t put in will mean that the best will not be churned out. This involves your health first and foremost. If you’re eating eggs because you think you’re getting protein from them and then you find out not only are they an insufficient source of protein based on their poor diet but they’re also slightly poisonous because of the way they’re treated for “disease control” and incidentally they’re only treated for disease control because of the poor conditions they live in, you might be disappointed. You might even be angry because all of the advertisements on TV for eggs tout “protein rich” and “rich in omega 3’s” these are out and out lies. In fact eggs should be full of these nutrients however, because of poor and negligent farming practices which are only aimed at profit and not health.

When you are investigating you realize that all of your food is treated the same way. From your meat to your produce; everything is carelessly raised and nutritionally valueless.

This is where the importance of growing your own food comes in. Even if you’re not fortunate enough to be able to grow your own food, it’s worth buying your produce from local organic farmers. Growing your own food ensures, at minimum that no EXTRA harmful chemicals are added.

For me, it is of utmost importance to know where your food comes from. This is why even though living in the city I can’t grow all my own stuff, I at least try to buy as many “whole foods” as possible.





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