Sustainable for a Future

Freedom Like a Shopping Cart


I was riding my bike home in the dark last night. Warm August night. I felt so free. So content with life. I feel that even though the whole world can be in shit, something as simple as riding your bicycle in brooklyn in a ratty house dress from high school after going to visit the most loving human that ever existed can make things seems not so bad. Without a single real clue about what the future holds. Being satisfied and both unsatisfied at the same time. It being the peak of summer. With that denouement feeling approaching. As days become infinitely shorter. The impending doom of darkness and the unknown besides.  People sitting on their porches. The waning moon somewhere above. Airplanes drowning out the sound of the trees moving in the wind. The wind making it impossible to hear your own breath. The demise of humanity threatening dimly in the minimal areas where the street lamps don’t reach. The calm centrifuge somewhere, somehow, replacing tires of my bicycle. And all the while dream stalks within me.

Speaking of dream, i finally saw Inception the other night. I literally cried like a baby. Not for the topical content but rather for the deep understanding i actually have for how those things really work. There were too many things in the movie that were down right familiar to me. The person who wrote that movie has a distinctly incredible understanding of actual dream world.

The only thing we know for sure is that we ARE creative beings. We wield power in creation. All of us.


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