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Sustainable for a Future

The Wheels are in Motion

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My Guruji told me a while back that if i just start it, the rest will just happen. It seems like that is really starting to happen. People are coming out of the woodwork with skills and supplies they want to offer to the project. This is truly amazing.

I haveLadder to the moon so much gratitude for being alive.

I believe that each day we should praise our lives in some way. By appreciating life, even the         shitty things that happen, we come to want to be more creative and less destructive in terms of our       actions. And, even when destruction is inevitable, we learn to understand the nature of the destruction, we become empathetically apologetic for it and even still grateful that in order to build new skin sometimes we have to slough off the old damaged cells.

In every situation we come across in our lives, its always good to step back from it with your “super” self and ask “what am i learning from this?” If you can manage this extremely difficult task you can slowly become more detached from things in the sense that you no longer attribute situations to your personal ego. The results of this practice are truly freeing because you in turn become more even-keeled as a result.

The lessons that we learn from being uncomfortable are far more poignant in my opinion than those we learn through gratification.

The most difficult thing in my life has been to view the actions of others as separate and non-involved in a personal way with who i am. That is to say, that when someone is doing something that makes one feel uncomfortable it is not a personal attack but rather simply the state of affairs–the results of two separate worlds coming together briefly. In that way, it’s not as though anyone or any action becomes less important. It’s simply that the individual becomes less involved egotistically.

To put it simply, people aren’t out to get you just because you’re not getting what you want from a particular situation or someone is not reacting in a way that is pleasing to you.

It is sometimes difficult not to be offended by the actions of others, but when you start to analyze their process or simply just the fact that the process i not reliant on your existence and that there is a whole world nestled into each individual and that world existed before you and will exist after you, it truly humbles you.  Thus, you start to appreciate the process of even someone who you wholly feel disconnected to or someone who you might have formerly felt contempt for or someone you would normally get angry at.

The sooner we come to terms with these facts the sooner we start to realize the true nature of the intense power we hold as individuals–moreover, conscious beings.

Being conscious is only beneficial if you maintain awareness. Once you let your awareness go, you begin to suffer unnecessary traumas. The idea of awareness is entirely slippery and even perhaps subjective. However, ultimately what cannot be denied is the fact that wielding your awareness is a powerful thing. THE MOST powerful thing we can do as humans.

I challenge those who are reading this to try to maintain full awareness on all of your processes for just a single day. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the moment you close them that same night. Try to be aware of the finer aspects of each experience: from pooing to eating, to fornicating, to whatever it is people do these days. See how it feels to be fully present in a situation.

If you do decide to try this and feel inclined, please share your experiences here with me.

May all beings be happy.


One Comment

  1. Some really mean person left a really mean comment on this post. I’m not sure if it’s because they didn’t understand it. Or that they just want to go around sprinkling bad energy other other peoples good vibes.

    Either way, just to respond to one mean thing that you didn’t understand to “wield awareness” means that you’ve got a hold over your faculties as opposed to going around the world with blinders on. I’m not sure how I’ve offended you. I apologize for your bad feelings from my post.

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