Sustainable for a Future

Raised Close to $300 For the Project!


Today L’isola recieved it’s first donations from two loving people!

All contributions, aside from the monetary support, are really just energy that others are helping put toward the project.

It makes me so happy and gives me so much energy especially in these times where I sometimes lose hope because so many people bail out unexpectedly.

Other developments:

I have found a few parcels of land for really nice prices that I’m going to try to look at as early as September 15th!

If anyone wants to help me research information on Land in Arizona that would be amazing. I need to find out about property taxes. Things that grow best under dry conditions. Building cisterns. Using adobe.

Also, If anyone knows anyone who has olive trees I would love some cuttings because the sooner those babies get propigated the sooner we get organic olive oil!

Stay tuned for links to parcels of land and some projects that I hope to start ASAP


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